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Fuego vs Toros - No Holds Barred 255

$ 29.89
$ 34.75

Toros sizes Fuego up poolside asking him bodybuilding questions while subtly putting him down. Action breaks out when Fuego shoves Toros into the pool! Toros steps out the pool and forces Fuego inside to the mat. Both guys tie up immediately ready for the action. Toros uses his power to shove Fuego underneath him, but Fuego's experience keeps the behemoth Toros at bay but Fuego starts to take some damage fighting underneath 250 lbs of shredded muscle. Can Fuego weather the storm until Toros wears himself out? 

Toros lifts Fuego over his shoulders into a massive fireman's carry before flipping Fuego over his head slamming into the wrestling mat! Sweat begins to pour and Fuego and Toros start sliding all over the mat. Bearhugs and head scissors are both wrestlers weapon of choice to drain their opponent. Fuego shows more moves in his arsenal, but Toros power is a sight to behold. The mat wrestling gets intense right in close to the camera. Fuego slams into the camera and Toros slows down the action. Fuego starts using sleepers and Toros begins to slow down dramatically. His breathing becomes labored and dramatic and Fuego jumps on him! How will this battle of wills end? Download today and find out!