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Marco Sparrow head scissors chest pecs abs

Marco vs Sparrow - No Holds Barred 72

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

Has the Master of Mind Games Met his Match?

Thunder’s Arena favourite Marco is on the mats with one of our newer wrestlers, Sparrow, who is developing quite a fan following of his own with his unique style of pro and amateur mat wrestling!  These two men are locked up, looking evenly matched.  Marco lunges in for a takedown, but Sparrow sprawls and traps Marco in a front facelock – Sparrow grabs Marco’s ass and the mind games begin!  Marco is well known for psyching out his opponents, latching onto anything he can and using it as a mental weapon whilst he works them over physically!  He’ll go right up to the line, sometimes just over it, anything to get an advantage over his prey.  But Sparrow has clearly done his homework as he unleashes Marco’s own tactics against him!  Sparrow has Marco tied up in knots, manhandling around the mat in circles and inserting the odd dirty hold to throw Marco off his game – and it’s definitely working!  Sparrow mounts Marco, taking his time to apply a hold, which Marco comments on.  “Sorry, I got distracted”  “By what”  “Your butt!”  Sparrow is really giving Marco a run for his money in the psych out wars!  Sparrow manoeuvres Marco into a hammer lock, spanking him for good measure – Marco is not used to this at all!  Sparrow can match Marco move for move and word for word – Marco is rendered powerless and speechless!  Sparrow wraps his strong legs around Marco, all the while distracting him.  We have never seen Marco like this, he needs a whole new game plan!  Sparrow’s lats and delts are slick with sweat as he reaches around Marco, moving him into a scissor choke combo hold!  Sparrow switches to a cradle pin, admiring Marco’s “killer abs”.  Sparrow is clearly enjoying every second of his dominance over Marco!

The two men stand and Marco goes in for a bearhug – this time he gets it!  Marco takes Sparrow down to the mat and mounts his back, before moving Sparrows head between his powerful thighs for a crushing headscissors!  Marco is pouring on the pressure, but Sparrow soaks up the punishment, telling Marco to carry on.  “OK, I will.”  Marco turns the scissor into his signature schoolboy pin, smothering Sparrow!  Marco is getting his mojo back as he snaps a front facelock on Sparrow.  “Enough of this high school s***” Marco drags Sparrow up into a rear bearhug, before converting it to a full nelson!  Sparrow is in pain as the match goes out of his comfort zone and right into Marco’s!  Marco racks Sparrow over his big shoulders and pulls down hard!  Sparrow tries to escape using a ball claw, but Marco weathers the pain, clamping one of his own onto the suffering stud!

No body part is off limits in this match and both musclehunks know it!  More ball shots, OTK backbreakers, bearhugs, headscissors, ab stretches – they throw everything at each other!  Things get even rougher as they slug each other in the gut, seeing how much punishment their abs can take!  This match will definitely draw you in and keep you guessing right up to the final stunning sleeper hold!  Get this match now to see if Sparrow can claim a victory over mat master Marco, or if the Thunder’s Arena veteran can come back and reclaim his crown!