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Marco vs Tristan Baldwin - No Holds Barred 78

Marco vs Tristan Baldwin - No Holds Barred 78

$ 29.89
$ 34.75

Close your eyes.  Cast your mind through the roster of the hottest wrestlers in the history of underground wrestling.  Now pick your golden pairing and open your eyes because here it is!  Thunder’s favourite Marco, looking more massive and ripped than ever, takes on the famous (and infamous!) Tristan Baldwin – and it’s NO HOLDS BARRED!!!

This match was filmed during the new Thunder’s Live broadcasts (click the link at the top of the page for details!).  The trash talk is free flowing right from the start.  Nothing is left out – age, experience, tan, muscle, you name it.  Nothing is off the table.  Both of these guys are SO cocky and are desperate to bring the other down a peg or four!  They settle on starting the match collegiate style, Tristan on the bottom and Marco on top.  “Why are you sweating already?” asks Marco.  “It’s baby oil, get it right.”  An off-camera countdown and the match is on!  Tristan is fast, but Marco hangs on and rides Tristan to the mat!  Marco has been training hard for a competition and it shows – he hoists Tristan up into an upside down bearhug!  “Have you missed doing no holds barred?” Marco asks the helpless Tristan as he grabs his balls before throwing him down to the mat!  Tristan starts to get up, but Marco kicks him back down – “No, no, you’re still on bottom.”  Tristan is pulled up into a textbook camel clutch, Marco pulling back hard.  This isn’t going how Tristan planned at all!  Marco releases the hold and let’s Tristan get up for a lock up. Tristan is like a wounded animal – when he’s backed into a corner, he’ll lash out with whatever he can – a cheap shot to the balls brings Marco down!  Tristan goes to bend Marco in half, but the Thunder’s superstar again goes for the cheap shot, forcing Tristan to let go.  Showing off his strength, Marco pulls Tristan off the mat and into a TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER!!  Tristan is recovering from the brutal (and dangerous!) move, but Marco isn’t about to let him get his breath back – he comes barrelling in with a fist to Tristan’s crotch, then kicks and punches to Tristan’s legs!  Tristan is screaming in agony as Marco turns him over and crushes his balls underfoot!  Marco is out to DESTROY and HUMILIATE the veteran!  Marco drops onto Tristan’s face for his signature flexing Schoolboy Pin before switching to a straight headscissors.  Tristan’s face goes a deep shade of red as Marco straightens his awesome legs, performing push-ups as he squeezes Tristan to the edge of oblivion!  Marco loves to do squats at the gym and he has immensely powerful quads to show for it – they can do some serious damage to a man’s skull!  Tristan is almost out, but Marco releases and literally drags him up into a back-breaking TORTURE RACK!  Tristan is rarely manhandled like this – Marco is on fire!

A full nelson brings Tristan to the mat and into the waiting thighs of Marco (who seems to have found a new favourite weapon!).  He wraps his quads around Tristan’s head in a freeze-frame scissor, but he gets careless, giving Tristan the chance to clamp on a headscissors of his own. “What, you think you’re the only one with quads around here?”  They roll all over the mat, locked in each other’s scissors.  Tristan finally snaps and unleashes on Marco’s abs, drilling his fists and heel into Marco’s midsection!  “I knew you’d peter out.  I’m not done with you yet though” Tristan fires a forearm through Marco’s legs and lifts him high off the mat!  In desperation, Marco tries to wedgie Tristan, but the legend responds with an atomic drop!

This battle of the bad boys is far from over – bearhugs, back breakers, slams, punches and dirty moves, right up to a violent sleeper finish!  Tristan asked for the best that Mr Mike had to offer – will he live to regret that?  Can Marco upset the legendary Tristan?  Or will Tristan make good on his promise to steamroll through the Thunder’s Arena roster?  One thing’s for sure, this is the definition of instant classic!  You’ll be watching and re-watching – do yourself a favour and get it NOW!