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Raptor Sparrow boston crab arms biceps pecs chest

Raptor vs Sparrow - Custom Video Series 48 Pro Wrestling with Coach Frey Part 1

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

Sparrow is back to take on Thunder’s Arena newcomer Raptor in his first ring match, with Coach Frey on the outside!  Sparrow, in blue trunks, locks up with Raptor and gets the takedown, laying in punches to Raptor’s abs and obliques!  Right from the outset, you know this is going to be a rough fight!  Sparrow keeps punching, but Raptor shows off his power, picking Sparrow up and slamming him HARD to the canvas, knocking the wind out of him!  Raptor starts flexing over Sparrow which annoys Coach Frey – Raptor launches himself off the ropes, coming at Sparrow like a missile!  Both regroup and get up, but Sparrow is quickest and lifts Raptor up for a slam of his own!  Sparrow follows up with an elbow to Raptor’s spine!  Sparrow taunts Raptor which riles the powerhouse – he takes Sparrow down and traps him in a single-leg crab!  Coach Frey’s voice comes from the apron. “Why don’t you grab both legs and really make it hurt?”  Raptor takes the advice, switching to a full Boston Crab!  Sparrow is screaming in agony, but Frey is unimpressed!  Frey enters the ring, shoving Raptor off the suffering Sparrow.  “That’s not how you do it – look.”  Frey proceeds to twist Sparrow into a tighter Crab, showing Raptor how to inflict maximum pain!  Raptor asks Coach Frey to hold Sparrow up, aiming for a cheap kick to Sparrow’s balls!  Frey catches it in time, dropping Sparrow and berating Raptor before punishing him with a hard bodyslam!  Tough love from the coach!

Frey goes back to the outside, leaving the two wrestlers to lock up again.  Sparrow again gets the takedown but Raptor fires a cheap shot right into his balls!  Raptor scoops Sparrow up over his shoulders and launches him backwards!  Another lock up and Raptor gets the takedown, following up with a vicious leglock that has Sparrow frantically tapping out!  A dropkick from Raptor levels Sparrow to the ground!  There is obviously no love lost here as they unleash everything they have on each other!  Sparrow gets Raptor down and starts throwing elbows to the side of his head!  Coach Frey steps in, throwing Sparrow to the other side of the ring before dropping a hard elbow to his midsection!  Sparrow rolls over in pain – BIG MISTAKE!  Coach Frey drops another elbow to Sparrow’s spine!  “That’s how you do elbows!”  Raptor seizes the opportunity, targeting the freshly damaged back!  A Spear into the corner!  Sparrow launches himself at Raptor, but it backfires as he’s met with a solid CLOTHESLINE that sends him flying!

The battle rages on with neither side giving any quarter – welts and marks appear on both bodies and muscle ache as both fight to subdue the other!  Punches, kicks, clutches, bearhugs, chokes, headlocks and more – everything but the kitchen sink!  This is a bitter, hard-fought war until one finally traps the other in a submission/pin combination – TAP OUT!  The victor starts to celebrate, but then Coach Frey re-enters the ring – and he’s far from impressed...