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Scrappy sparrow Bodyscissors submission hold submit abs chest pecs

Scrappy vs Sparrow - Mat Rats 74B

$ 22.32
$ 25.95

Another hot new wrestler joins the Thunder’s Arena roster of super stars!

Fan favourite Scrappy is back and already on the mats on all fours as newcomer Sparrow enters and assumes referees position behind Scrappy.  Sparrow, in tight red & blue trunks (that can barely contain his ass!), looks phenomenal and is clearly no stranger to the gym!  The two men grapple and it becomes very clear very quickly that Sparrow has had some training.  Correction – a lot of training!  The two studs roll around the mat as Scrappy tries to escape from the skilled Sparrow.  Crushing Scrappy beneath his full body, Sparrow scores a pin!  He may be new to Thunder’s Arena, but there’s no way Sparrow is a rookie, as he manoeuvres Scrappy into another pinning predicament!  We’ve not had this kind of amateur-type match in a long time!

Sparrow’s muscular back glistens with sweat as he paces the mat, just waiting for Scrappy to recover so they can go again – Sparrow clearly loves what he does!  Scrappy is pinned again, this time getting angrier – what started out as two guys enjoying a practice grapple is turning into a full-on match!  Sparrow stalks his prey like a panther, ready to pounce the second he sees an opening!  Another pin, but this time Scrappy escapes at the one-count!  Scrappy has had enough of being manhandled by this ‘newbie’!  THIS IS MAT WRESTLING AT ITS FINEST!  Scrappy is wrapped up and has his face forced into Sparrow’s sweaty pit – no choice but to tap out!  Where did Sparrow come from?  This guy is awesome!

Scrappy manages to get a front face lock on Sparrow, but the tanned wrestler somehow reverses and catches Scrappy in a cradle pin!  This is new territory for Scrappy – so far in Thunder’s Arena, he’s mostly wrestled for submissions; wrestling for pins is a whole new ball game!  Sparrow is getting cocky, flexing and pointing at the camera as if to say “You’re next!” – Oh, you will wish that were so!  Turning his attention back to Scrappy, a hyped and pumped Sparrow goes back to the mat to tangle again – “I’m not gonna let you pin me again” says Scrappy!  Fightin’ talk!  Scrappy grounds Sparrow with a low-blow!  The tables start turning as Scrappy scores a pin of his own!  “I ain’t done with you yet”.  Scrappy’s beautiful pecs glisten with sweat as he wraps his legs around Sparrow!  This is not just a clash of muscle hunks, but a clash of wrestling styles as Scrappy ties Sparrow up in a rear choke combo, stretching his muscular body and cutting off his air!  Sparrow manages to escape, retreating to recover.  Scrappy is all smiles until a HARD TAKEDOWN by Sparrow wipes it off his face!

This match is refreshing in its style – no power moves, no pro moves, just good, skilled grappling between two hot, well-matched men.  A DOUBLE BEARHUG has each man trying to squeeze the sweaty body of the other until one of them let’s go and gets the go-behind and takedown!  Both men are bringing their A-Game!  An unspoken agreement pins victory on the final fall – who will take home the prize?  Will Scrappy pull off a victory over the upstart?  Or will Thunder’s newest wrestler score a stunning upset?  The final, RARELY-SEEN MAT SUBMISSION has one wrestler screaming and tapping out in defeat - get this classic wrestling match today to find out which!