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Smash vs Amino - No Holds Barred 245

$ 22.22
$ 31.59

Intense smack-talking and muscle-comparing lead to Amino and Smash having to back up their talk on the mat! Smash is flexing talking about the match when Amino comes in with tight velvet trunks! Smash gets the upper hand initially pinning Amino to the mat, but Amino can't help but be entranced with Smash's full, defined muscles! Amino strips Smash from his trunks revealing an even smaller golden pair.

Amino and Smash grind their bodies together in a fierce test of strength! Amino overpowers Smash on the mat and locks in a rear naked choke and Smash begins to fade! Will Amino put Smash to sleep and finally shut his mouth?

The action continues with Smash taking control using his experience to methodically move Amino around the mat. Amino shows he his wrestling is on point also, but when Smash begins fighting dirty, Amino gets frustrated! Smash takes advantage and chokes Amino on the mat. Amino fights for top position and both wrestlers go back and forth with submission moves to make their new rival tap out! 

NOTE: This match ended early due to a move that put one of the wrestlers in the emergency room.  Which wrestler was rushed to the ER?  Download to see what happened.