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ab stretch in pool with frey

Sparrow vs Frey - Vegas Battles 10

$ 29.89
$ 34.75

Thunder’s Arena is back for another round of Vegas Battles, this time pitting Frey against Sparrow in an outdoor match!

Frey immediately starts in with the trash talk, telling the camera how he’s going to put Sparrow out!  Sparrow seems unimpressed, giving as good as he gets!  Pointing to some flowers, the ultra-confident Frey even asks Sparrow if he wants them on his casket!  Fighting talk!  The two lock up, feeling each other out – Frey goes low for a double leg, lifting Sparrow up over his shoulder.  Frey bounces the rookie, ramming his shoulder into Sparrow’s gut!  Frey parades the helpless Sparrow around the mat, dropping to one knee and flexing for the camera, showing off his dominance and power!  Again and again, Frey rams his shoulder into Sparrow, punishing his abs.  Frey goes to let Sparrow down, but at the last moment, drops him hard over his knee in a Gutbuster! Frey adds more pain by driving his elbow into Sparrow’s glutes!  Sparrow begs to be let go and Frey eventually relents, letting Sparrow collapse to the mat.  Frey paces up and down, telling Sparrow to get up – Frey’s obviously in a mood to destroy!

Frey fires a cheap shot into Sparrow’s knee before stretching him HARD over his back!  Sparrow is crying out in pain as Frey grabs his leg and pulls, increasing the stretch!  Frey shows off for the camera, flexing his abs and biceps as Sparrow hangs helpless.  Sparrow doesn’t submit though, so Frey releases, letting him drop to the mat.  Frey advances towards his prey, but as he starts applying another hold, Sparrow powers up, lifting Frey into the air!  Wrapping him around his torso, Sparrow gives Frey a dose of his own medicine, parading him around before falling backwards, slamming Frey to the mat with all of Sparrow’s weight crashing down on top of him!  Sparrow capitalises on the stunned Frey, wrapping his legs around Frey’s big quads in a grapevine!  “They call this the Saturday Night Ride!” says Sparrow.  “It isn’t Saturday” quips Frey as he turns them both over before lifting Sparrow off the mat and slamming him back down, the base of his spine impacting hard on the mat!  Not satisfied, Frey repeats the move TWO MORE TIMES!  Sparrow is writhing in agony as Frey starts pounding on his abs with punches and claws!  Sparrow tries desperately to find a weak spot, but it’s to no avail – Frey wraps his legs around Sparrow, scissoring his head and leg and bringing the two together with each squeeze!  Sparrow has no choice but to concede the pin!  The action isn’t over as the two tear into each other with trap claws, pec claws, chokes, bearhugs and lifts!  Can Sparrow come back and even the score?  Or will Frey regain the high ground and take the match?  One thing’s for sure, anything can happen as the action shifts from the mat to the pool…

The action has moved from the mat to the pool as the Vegas sun beats down on Frey and Sparrow.  Frey is one up, having pinned Sparrow in a unique modified cradle, but this battle is far from over!

Frey starts in control, slapping a tight headlock on Sparrow and forcing him to literally smell the flowers!  Sparrow is having none of, grabbing Frey around the midsection and throwing him back into the pool!  The two stand back up, Frey clutching his lower back.  “You ok?” asks Sparrow before, without waiting for an answer grabs Frey in a rear bearhug!  “Too bad!”  Sparrow is brutal as he smashes Frey’s pecs against the poolside! Frey tries to escape, but Sparrow again throws him backwards before dragging Frey up into a full nelson, lifting him high!  Sparrow switches to a choke, using his other arm to resort to a dirty move, viciously twisting Frey’s nipple!  Frey struggles and Sparrow can’t maintain the hold – Frey immediately gets behind Sparrow, reaching through and clamping on a BRUTAL pec claw that has Sparrow screaming!  Frey lifts Sparrow over his shoulders – “Put me down!” “Nope – it only gets worse for you” Frey shows he can be just as dirty a fighter, clamping on a ball claw!  If Sparrow wants to save his manhood he has no choice but to give!

Frey still isn’t done, pulling Sparrow in for a side headlock, cranking it hard!  Sparrow grabs Frey’s balls, trying to lift him, but it’s not enough as Frey just cranks the headlock even harder!  The effort is showing on Frey’s face as he grinds Sparrow’s head!  Frey decides to up the punishment, trapping Sparrow in a devastating ab stretch adding to the damage done earlier!  Frey is all smiles as he tosses Sparrow aside like he’s nothing!  But Frey’s confidence can sometimes be his undoing – he turns his back on Sparrow to flex for the camera and Sparrow seizes the opportunity to slap on an ab stretch of his own!  Frey is trapped in his own hold as Sparrow stretches him out and dunks him under the water, only to pull him back up and tighten the hold even further!  Sparrow’s face is an image of rage and fury as he grabs Frey’s balls and throws him back under the water!  Sparrow is out for revenge as he pulls Frey up BY HIS HAIR!  Sparrow refuses to let go, pulling Frey around by his hair.  Frey manages to get up onto the poolside and wraps his legs around Sparrow’s head! Sparrow’s attention is now needed elsewhere as he let’s go of Frey’s hair and grabs at his legs instead.  Frey pull’s Sparrow’s head further into his thighs, squeezing tight and crushing Sparrow’s face!  In sheer desperation, Sparrow pulls Frey off the poolside and under the water!

The fight turns even dirtier as Frey grabs Sparrow’s hair only to have his balls grabbed and crushed in response!  Sparrow uses the ball claw to lift Frey out of the water!  Sparrow manoeuvres Frey to the poolside where he slaps on a choke before trapping Frey in his legs, pulling his hair and attacking his nipples!  Sparrow has a MAJOR mean streak!  Frey struggles to find a defence against the unorthodox attacks!  Sparrow traps Frey in a tight headscissor, using his hair to keep him there!  Frey manages to power up, lifting Sparrow off the poolside and falling backwards, submerging them both!  Frey is furious, lifting Sparrow and throwing him to the other side of the pool, over and over again!  A flying elbow off the poolside has Sparrow not knowing what hit him!  Fray slaps on a rear bearhug, but Sparrow’s hand once again finds Frey’s balls!  The two battle weary wrestlers regroup as Frey recovers from this latest cheap shot!  They lock up again, with Frey getting behind for a full nelson!  Hoisting Sparrow out of the water, we have a clear view as Frey clamps on a vicious ball claw of his own!

Slams, leg sweeps, wedgies, chokes, claws, arm locks – these two are throwing the book at each other!  One thing is for sure, this match has some of the most brutal ball attacks