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sparrow sly las vegas wrestler headlock

Sparrow vs Sly - Vegas Battles 11

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The video opens with a special look behind the scenes as Sparrow gets ready for a match.  The camera follows Sparrow as he prepares to take on Sly.  Sparrow changes into blue trunks, giving us a flexing and posing show in the Vegas sun!  Sparrow has obviously been hitting the gym!  A mat is set up on the balcony – Sly enters and the match is on! They start out amateur style on the mats, but it soon descends into an all-out scrap – this is no normal match, this is two guys rasslin’ for bragging rights in the Vegas sun!  Sly uses his size to overwhelm and manhandle the ripped model, using scissor holds and nelsons to wear him down!  The two battle back and forth all over the mat as each tries to get an advantage over the other.  Sparrow resorts to dirty moves and tricks, but is met with a splash and forearm blows to the midsection!  The blazing sun takes its toll though, forcing the two frat fighters to continue their match inside.

Once inside (and rehydrated!) they flex off, getting ready to finish the contest!  A lock up has them testing each other out in a bearhug before Sly lifts Sparrow over his shoulders, crunching him down hard!  Another lock up and Sparrow goes back to the bearhug, lifting the beefy Sly high off the floor!  Sparrow’s forearms dig into Sly’s lower back, but it’s not enough to get a submission.  A bearhug contest ensues with each crushing the other until Sparrow forces Sly to the ground, mounting his back and locking on a nasty and vicious arm lock!  Sly is obviously in pain, but he refuses to give – instead, he manages to power out to standing, with Sparrow clinging onto his back for dear life!  But Sparrow takes them down again, manoeuvring Sly into a modified bow & arrow hold before wrapping his shredded quads around Sly’s head!  Sly has no choice but to give and cede the match to the muscleboy, who flexes and poses in victory – you can bet that this won’t stay in Vegas!

Lots of flexing and posing from Sparrow, a frat-boy rassling match and a look behind the scenes!  Vegas, baby!