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Toros vs Deadlock - No Holds Barred 257

$ 28.88
$ 34.75


Toros dominates the wrestling mat as he slams Deadlock to the ground, taunting and using his weight to keep him down. Deadlock struggles to keep up with Toros' intense and risky wrestling style. But just as Toros starts to tire, Deadlock makes a surprising comeback and pins the exhausted opponent. Deadlock claims his victory and forces Toros to flex for the camera, a humiliating punishment for the defeated wrestler. However, Toros' lack of experience leaves him vulnerable and Deadlock takes advantage with a brutal low blow. Exhilarating back-and-forth submission holds and intense wrestling ensues between the two fierce competitors.

Deadlock latches in a TIGHT chest to chest bearhug and Toros begins to fade! Sweat is dripping and Toros musters up enough energy for another round. Toros lifts Deadlock up, curls him like he weighs nothing, and slams him into an over the knee backbreaker. Toros now has his mind set, he is going to use power moves to finish off Deadlock. Deadlock is lifted and slammed over and over, but refuses to bow to the rookie, Toros. Toros flies into a rage and hits Deadlock with gut punches. Toros' aggression gets him caught in a smart submission maneuver by Deadlock and he begins to pass out. What "Big Wrestling Bull" will come out on top in this intense match? Download Today! Transform your body and mind with Toros vs Deadlock - No Holds Barred 257! Are you ready for the ultimate challenge? Deadlock brings out Toros' strength and determination, pushing him to fight for every move. Watch as Toros unleashes his full force and takes on the veteran wrestler in an intense match that leaves both men pushed to their limits. Get your adrenaline pumping and experience the power of Toros as he takes on the unstoppable force of Deadlock. Don't miss out - download today and join the ultimate wrestling showdown!