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Eagle vs Machine - Ring Wars 117

$ 29.89
$ 34.75

Machine's initial confidence fades when he begins flexing next to Eagle. Cocky and aggressive entering the ring, Eagle shuts down Machine's ego quickly. He snatches him in a full nelson and makes him eat the turnbuckle! Then he slams a forearm into Machine's abs sending him sprawling to the mat. Eagle manhandles Machine around the ring while yells of pain and agony reverberate through the arena. 

Machine is obviously out-matched against Eagle, but his flexibility and toughness is keeping him from taking too much damage from Eagle. Strung through the ring ropes and bounced off the canvas multiple time, Machine is in immense pain. Hung upside down and dangling helpless, Machine succumbs and passes out from the pain. Eagle wakes him up with a gut punch nearly cracking every one of Scorpion's ribs! 

To test the new rookie, Eagle gets on all fours and allows him a fighting chance. Machine gets easily flipped out of every position Eagle gives him. When Eagle decides he is about done messing with his new little toy, he starts using big power moves to damage Machine. A brutal choke lift has Machine gasping for air before being swung through the air and on top of Eagle's shoulders! What brutal move will Eagle use to finish off Machine?