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Eagle vs Scorpion - Ring Wars 116

$ 29.89
$ 34.75

Scorpion front flips into the ring and aggressively approaches Eagle flexing in his face. With no warning, Eagle snatches Scorpion in a tight chest to chest bearhug before banging him into the corner turnbuckle! Eagle slams his knees and thighs into Scorpion's abs. Eagle steps back while Scorpion stumbles out of the corner and wraps him in a full nelson. Eagle swats Scorpion down to the mat before locking in a camel clutch submission. Scorpion is being smothered by Eagle.

The experience and size difference is too much for Scorpion who looks to have accepted he is going to take a beating. Eagle works slowly and methodically tearing Scorpion to pieces one body part at a time. Scorpion works hard to get a position on Eagle, but each try is thwarted by Eagle with a power move or brutal submission. Eagle begins bullying the smaller Scorpion with dirty moves and trash talk. Eagle uses each part of the wrestling ring tearing Scorpion apart and the ropes are his next weapon of choice. Eagle ties up Scorpion in the ropes and pulls at his limbs torturing him with every movement! In a flurry of action, Scorpion takes Eagle to the mat and pins him down. Eagle kicks out but Scorpion is not going to waste his chance to win! Can Scorpion pull off the upset victory over Eagle? Download Today and find out!