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JaJa vs Bronco - Mat Rats 184

$ 22.22
$ 25.95

Behind the Scenes Wrestling

In Mat Rats 184, JaJa and Bronco face off in a controlled wrestling lesson. As they start slow and feel each other out, the intensity quickly rises. With Bronco's experience and power, JaJa finds himself owned. But he doesn't give up, showing his grit and determination. However, things take a turn when JaJa starts flexing for the camera and Bronco takes it as a challenge. Don't miss the surprising twist, Bronco proves who the real man is.

Round 2 is here, and JaJa jumps up, trapping Bronco in a fierce bearhug. But Bronco breaks free, snatching JaJa into a punishing chest to chest embrace, squeezing tighter and tighter as JaJa howls in agony! The pain drives JaJa to the mat, but he manages to trip Bronco and execute a devastating full nelson. However, Bronco quickly rebounds, using a cheap shot to regain control. Lifting JaJa up and sending him crashing down in an over the knee backbreaker, Bronco tosses him aside like trash. The victor of round 2 you'll need to download and find out.

JaJa and Bronco refuse to back down, requesting a third round to settle the score. JaJa unleashes a fierce assault, using what he learned in rounds 1 and 2 to inflict serious pain. An intense camel clutch nearly snaps Bronco's neck and JaJa declares victory, much to Bronco's dismay. The argument over timing is quickly settled as Bronco slams JaJa to the ground and traps him in a head scissors. While JaJa screams in agony, Bronco is no longer playing nice with the new bodybuilder. Will JaJa secure at least one round or will Bronco dominate? Download now to find out!