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Meaty vs Eddie - No Holds Barred 256

$ 34.75

Introducing Eddie: 6 ft. 230 lbs 

with "A little wrestling experience"

Meaty looks Eddie up and down like a piece of meat hanging in a deli window. Meaty explodes lifting Eddie over his shoulders. He puts him back down and latches Eddie down in a tight full nelson. Meaty throws him away and degrades the new guy calling him weak and easy to take down. Eddie takes offense and gets Meaty on the mat grinding him down while running his hands all over Meaty's shredded body. Meaty welcomes the distraction as Eddie becomes more and more entranced with Meaty's body. Meaty takes a shot and counters Eddie, wrapping his legs around his body and squeezing harder and harder. Eddie is being constricted more and more and begins to black out under Meaty's grip! Is the new guy already done for in his debut match? 

Meaty viciously slaps Eddie's glutes leaving large, red welts! Meaty owns Eddie physically and verbally until Eddie become visibly enraged and throws Meaty to the mat. He pins him down in every humiliating way imaginable while Meaty fights to keep Eddie's from smothering him! Meaty counters and shows Eddie just how someone is OWNED in Thunders Arena! (Spoiler alert: in a very painful manner) Bearhugs become Meaty's move of choice to make the rookie quit, but Eddie is not going to give up easily. What will Meaty have to do to make Eddie give up? Download now and find out!