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Ring Wars 112 - JaJa vs Bronco

$ 25.75
$ 34.75

Bigger Bearhugs


The intense confrontation between Bronco and the new muscle, JaJa, begins as Bronco enters the ring with force. JaJa stands his ground, refusing to back down, and flexes in Bronco's face. However, Bronco retaliates and traps JaJa in a full nelson, causing JaJa's playful demeanor to quickly turn to agony. The intense struggle continues as Bronco relentlessly flings JaJa around the ring, threatening to dislocate his shoulders. Despite JaJa's attempts to flex and break free, Bronco's grip remains tight, determined to overpower JaJa's muscled body. Can JaJa withstand Bronco's fierce hold?


Tensions rise as Bronco unleashes a series of head scissors and gut punches on JaJa, who struggles to endure under Bronco's relentless strength. But just as it seems JaJa is about to be defeated, he surprises everyone with a powerful punch to the face, causing Bronco to stumble into the turnbuckles and collapse to the mat. Seizing the opportunity, JaJa locks Bronco in a fierce submission hold, leaving him with no escape. As the match intensifies, JaJa taunts and belittles Bronco with every move, pushing him to his limits. Despite being put through multiple submission holds, Bronco refuses to yield to the newcomer.


The muscle terminator known as Bronco relentlessly charges forward, engulfing JaJa in a massive bearhug. Hoisting JaJa off the ground, he then hurls him over his head and viciously slams him down onto his knee in a backbreaker. JaJa's safety is at stake as he faces off against Bronco. The question remains: will he emerge unscathed? Download today and witness our latest muscled hunk square off against Bronco in the ring!