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Scorpion vs Deadlock - Custom Video Series 181

$ 20.00
$ 31.59

Pain. Theft. Surprise Attacks. This custom fan-made match has it all! After a lunch, Scorpion and Deadlock find themselves on the wrestling mat. Scorpion lifts Deadlock Scorpion's onslaught begins by throwing Deadlock into a brutal torture rack and then slamming him to the mat. Even with the added pain from overindulging at lunch, Deadlock's sluggish movements leave him open to Scorpion's attacks. With each hard gut punch and suffocating submission, Deadlock writhes in agony. As a climax, Scorpion traps Deadlock in a deep dragon sleeper, causing him to almost succumb to unconsciousness. In a slow and torturous manner, Scorpion brings Deadlock to the brink of consciousness before unceremoniously dropping him to the ground.

Scorpion's confidence grows with each head scissors he puts Deadlock through, causing the latter's face to turn bright red. Just when it seems Deadlock is about to give up, causing him to lose his strength quickly and will to fight. Scorpion's energy only seems to increase as the match continues, as he dominates Deadlock with his fluid and unstoppable moves. Can Deadlock find a way to strike back against Scorpion's relentless attack?  Find out by downloading today - don't miss a single detail!