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Scorpion vs Machine - Ring Wars 118

$ 29.89
$ 34.75

Scorpion and Machine put on a classic wrestling clinic to begin this war in the ring! An intense back and forth on the mat makes its way to the feet and Scorpion begins slamming Machine into the canvas. A smooth wrestling flow devolves into sweaty bearhugs on the feet. Machine struggles to keep up with the strength of Scorpion but finds himself holding his own with his own power moves and lift and carry slams! But Scorpion will not be outdone and slams Machine into a brutal over the knee backbreaker nearly snapping his spine in half. Machine flies into an impressive reversal flipping Scorpion over and slamming on top of him. Machine desperately grabs an ankle and tries to break it! 

Scorpion is in a DEEP submission struggling to counter when Machine really cranks in the pain! Caught off guard by his strength, Scorpion struggles to stay conscious under Machine's grip. Scorpion makes his way to his feet and counters by wrapping Machine up in the ropes and latching on with a bearhug! The taut ring ropes choke Machine and hold him up while he loses breath. At the edge of passing out, Scorpion flings Machine across the ring and clotheslines him coming back. 

The entire ring is being used now with both muscle hunks flying against the ropes and turnbuckle! Machine slams chest slaps into Scorpion's pecs and they turn bright red as the pain sets in.

Eagle has been quietly observing the ring match between the two rookies, Scorpion and Machine. When the action stagnates, Eagle steps into the ring and grabs Scorpion not letting go! Machine is cowering in the corner hoping Eagle doesn't come and put him out too. Will Eagle show mercy for the newcomer? Download today and find out!