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Regan vs Ashton89 - Mat Wars 142 Audition

$ 34.75

Ashton89 is interviewing new guy Regan before their match. Ashton is asking about the strengths and weaknesses of Regan, and a confident Regan isn't giving room for Ashton to have any advantage with his questions. After a quick interview, the two muscled men tie up and begin wrestling. Regan quickly gains the upper hand using his size to his advantage. The slimmer Ashton starts to get worked over. A slap on the ass catches Ashton off guard and the two tie up once again, with Regan locking in a full nelson while reaching around and grabbing some of Ashton's lean, muscled pecs. The veteran gains a quick advantage lifting the larger Regan into a fireman carry before dropping him to the mat. Regan rebounds by pulling Ashton down and locking in a leg scissors crushing Ashton's ribs in the process. The confident rookie laughs at Ashton while he has him helpless in a crushing hold. But, a rookie mistake of dropping his defense while flexing, lets the experienced Ashton take him down and lock in a TIGHT head scissors. A struggle begins with Regan unable to break out until Regan shows his power by standing up with Ashton on this shoulders. A sinister look flashes across the rookie's face as he begins to enjoy inflicting punishment on his new victim. The pain continues down on the mat while Regan jerks up Ashton's shoulder nearly ripping it out of the socket! There is a break in the action when Dom9 comes into the mat room ready to have Regan sign his contract with Thunders Arena. The situation gets tense when Dom9 insists that Regan must have at least 5 submissions on Ashton or he will not get his contract. An attempted bribe from Ashton for Regan to take it easy is not accepted and Regan commences in BRUTALLY making Ashton tap out 5 times! After he finishes the job, him and Ashton shake hands with the veteran admitting Regan has what it takes. However, in a violent scene, Dom9 doesn't think Regan has done enough and steps on the mat physically putting the rookie in his place to demand he does more before any contract will be signed. A pumped-up Regan walks Ashton into a corner before throwing him to the mat and inflicting more damage to the veteran. Another series of submissions leaves the slimmer Ashton dominated by the larger rookie Regan. Dom9 enters with the contract, but Ashton is not passed out and the contract is withheld until that happens. Regan happily obliges the request and Ashton is left helpless on the mat. Did the rookie prove enough to get his contract for Thunders Arena?