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Regan vs Reggie - Bodybuilder Battle 189

$ 25.95
$ 31.25

What would you do if you are working out and someone snatched the weight out of your hand? Reggie demands Regan kiss his biceps to apologize for his bad behavior! "It's about time you meet a real man..." Regan charges Reggie with a chest to chest bearhug and both bodybuilders slam against the concrete wall! The look on Reggie's face is like someone just put a juicy steak in front of him. He smothers Regan using bearhugs, schoolboy pins, and dirty moves to control Regan. Both bodybuilders hands wander gripping handfuls of muscle! Regan gets all of 260 lbs of Reggie on his shoulders and spins him around! Both bodybuilders trade humiliating schoolboy pins before fighting back to their feet. Regan locks in a vicious full nelson and Reggie is trapped! Will he have to tap before his shoulder breaks?

Reggie refuses to lose to Regan! "I TOLD YOU WHO THE KING IS AROUND HERE!" Reggie unleashes hell on Regan and wraps his 21 inch arms around Regan's throat and SQUEEZES! Regan falls unconscious and Reggie has his way with all of Regan's muscles...What does he do while Regan is passed out? When Regan awakes, he is confused and angry about what Reggie did to him! He jumps at Reggie locking in a rear sleeper. Will Reggie pass out and allow Regan to get his payback? An EPIC ending leaves on wrestler a STICKY MESS making him angry enough to use a weapon! You will have to download to see a never before seen ending!