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Outback vs Reggie - Bearhug Challenge 19

$ 25.95

Mystery Revealed!

Featuring Two BRAND NEW, NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN Wrestlers!

Reggie and Outback start by introducing themselves to the fans. Outback, from South Africa, says he is going to squash the lazy American, Reggie. The Bearhug Challenge kicks off with Reggie taking control and squeezing the air out of Outback making him tap out! That doesn't mean Outback is done, though! The two rookies tie back up squeezing each others rock hard muscles until they are out of breath! Reggie begins to exhaust himself and Outback takes full advantage. He locks Reggie up in a bearhug making the bodybuilder tap out! The action doesn't stop and the two tie up again! Both men get intense! Face to face -- nose to nose -- the action is up close and personal! Heavy breathing and ab crushing bearhugs show off both men's straining muscles. Reggie takes an opportunity to flex for the camera, but Outback doesn't want the body contact to stop. He ties him up again and again taking the squeezing and intense face to face action from the bodybuilder Reggie as if he is unphased and always wanting more. A cheap shot enrages Reggie and he attacks Outback uncontrollably. More trash talk only escalates the action more! Broken ribs and hurt egos leads to a controversial ending...Who is the true winner of this bearhug challenge?