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Eagle vs Rhino - Battlespace 124

Eagle vs Rhino - Battlespace 124

$ 31.25

Breaking Backs & Taking Names! 
"Just admit you were wrong already!" says Eagle. "I didn't do anything," replies Rhino. "Tell everyone what you did wrong, and we'll all go home!" demands Eagle. "You just don't stop!" says Rhino. "Get the words out of your mouth and tell everyone what you did!" orders Eagle. "No! No! Shut up!" Rhino loses it and CHOKELIFTS Eagle so high he's about to get a new haircut in the ceiling fan!" The vet is thrown down and gasps for air. "You should have just shut up!" Rhino locks in a standing head scissor crushing Eagle with his quads. "Ahh my head!" "Done talking?" The muscle giant gut punches and CLOTHESLINES the vet to the mat. "You're just a big bully. You can't even admit what you did wrong!" moans Eagle. Rhino locks in a massive camel clutch and decides he wants to shut Eagle up for good. A 2 minute 40 second RIB-BREAKING body scissors! "Ahh my ribs!" Eagle struggles to breathe under the immense pressure of the giant's quads. "Was it worth saying something?" Rhino yanks on his arms, "Are you gonna say something?" Eagle stupidly nods yes, and the scissors get tighter! The vet is gassing out; his muscles powerless to break the incredible hold. Eagle taps out, "You got me!" and passes out!
Eagle wakes up clutching his bruised ribs. "You learn something?" Rhino asks, but the vet says nothing. "You gonna ignore me? I'm talking to you. Say something right now!" Eagle wants payback, charges in, and lifts the giant in what will become an almost 4 minute BACK-BREAKING front bearhug. The muscle giant is not used to this strength and groans in pain, "My back!" The vet carries the 220lbs Rhino from pillar to pillar RAMMING his back with his bearhug locked in! The muscle giant tries pec clawing Eagle's thick chest to break the hold but can't summon the strength! Eagle bends over synching the bearhug in tighter, "My ribs! My ribs! My ribs!" The stubborn giant tries to fight but is losing the battle. "I won't give in!" "You better give in, or I'm gonna snap em!" declares Eagle. "Alright!" Finally, the giant gives up and collapses to the mat. His back is destroyed! "This is bad!" moans Rhino as he rolls around the mat in pure agony. The giant gets to his knees but falls back down to the mat! "Come here, sit up!" orders Eagle. "No! I can't!" Rhino is helpless as Eagle locks in a RIB-CRACKING body scissors. "Stop, I can't breathe!" pleads the giant. "Repaying that favor baby!" gloats Eagle. Rhino struggles and struggles to break away but passes out under the pressure of Eagle's quads! 
"I hate newbies!" Eagle takes the giant down in another massive body scissors. "Please stop! I can't!" begs Rhino. His back being crushed to death. "Please stop! You have to!" The giant is losing air again and rolls over in defeat. Rhino can barely get to his knees before Eagle locks in a SKULL-CRUSHING standing head scissor! The giant moans, groans, and crumbles to the mat! Rhino may be down but not out! Vicious BOWS & ARROWS, body breaking scissors, and brutal ab stretches, only one of these muscle giants can come out on top! Will Eagle finally force Rhino to admit what he did, or will Rhino escape with his secret? You gotta see it to find out!