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Rhino and Cason bear hug Jack Beaver at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Rhino & Cason vs Jack Beaver - Custom Video Series 80

$ 29.89
$ 34.75

This special match is filmed webcam style. You the fan are in the driver's seat with a bird's eye view of all the muscle action!  
Thunder's rookie Jack Beaver is in the game room flexing for a webcam. "What's up?" In walks muscle giants Cason and Rhino. "Little pose off to win $1000!" Rhino laughs, "You think you're gonna win?" All three men begin flexing. "You're nothing compared to us. I think we're gonna take this $1000!" Cason and Rhino fist bump each other in agreement. "Screw you guys! I'm sick and tired of your guys' crap. I'm turning this off!" Jack checks his email on his phone. "They want to see more pictures of you guys!" Rhino laughs, "Told you!" Jack is pissed and wants them to leave. "We're gonna take this over!" Cason picks the rookie up and throws him on the couch. "Turn that camera back on!"
Cason chokes and gut punches Jack on the couch while Rhino flexes for the webcam. "Another email, they want us to do some moves on him!" Cason locks the rookie in a tight sleeper. "You ain't taking that money!" moans Jack. "Show them that back!" Cason says to Rhino. His giant frame takes up the width of the camera. "You're fat!" yells Jack. "Says the guy with the man bun!" mocks Cason. "Prettier than you!" Cason locks in a NECK-BREAKING full nelson then torture rack. Rhino joins in for a DOUBLE TORTURE RACK! The muscle giants jump up and down shaking their victim. "Put me down!" screams Jack. Rhino locks in a crippling camel clutch while Cason applies a Boston crab at the same time! Jake is being destroyed piece by piece, and they are enjoying every minute of it. "We're gonna tear this dude up and take his money!" "Get up!" orders Rhino. An over the knee BACK BREAKER and vicious ab stretch has Jack in extreme agony. "Ahh my back!" Cason wants more punishment and does push ups on Jack's chest! "Fun playing with this little one! What are we gonna do to him next?" The muscle monsters decide on a DOUBLE BEARHUG SANDWICH with Jack in the middle! "How many men would kill to be in your position?" says Cason. "Put me down!" They throw Jack across the room to each other. "I don't want him! He's a waste!" says Cason. Rhino bearhugs Jack slamming him to the floor. Cason straddles Jack's chest while Rhino sits on his legs. "This dude's getting dominated now! Your emails are blowin up!" says Cason. "They're our emails now!" laughs Rhino.
Cason straddles Jack on the floor while Rhino takes a call from a webfan. "We should give him a little bit. We'll pay for your gas!" laughs Cason. "What should we do to him?" "I don't even know, he looks like a rag doll," says Rhino. "I'm just gonna crush his ribs!" Cason lays on top of Jack while the 220lbs Rhino does push ups on both of them. "Get off me!" Jack screams as he struggles to breathe being crushed to death! Torture racks, bearhugs, muscle flexing, and sleepers! How is this webcam gonna end? You won't believe your eyes!