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choke lift on blayne

Rhino vs Blayne - Mat Wars 100

$ 29.89
$ 34.75

Rhino's Rampage!
This is part two of a Blayne, Achilles, Rhino crossover match up!! The 6'2" 220lbs Rhino is PISSED he was woken up and pushes the 5'8" 180lbs Blayne on the couch. "Shouldn't have woken me up!" What did you do to my boy?" Blayne keeps saying it was an accident and asks, "Who are you?" Rhino replied, "I'm a fuckin nut job!" 
Rhino picks up Blayne in a BONE-CRUSHING front bearhug. He carries Blayne around the room. "I'm gonna break your ribs!" Blayne CAN'T BREATHE. Rhino releases the hold and locks in a side headlock. Blayne pats the muscle giant's tree trunk quads and asks what his name is? "RHINO!" Blayne gasps for air and collapses to the floor. 
Blayne gets back up and is bearhugged again. "You're gonna learn not to wake me up!" Blayne falls to the floor. "Please, I can't take those arms again!" Blayne crawls around the room asking for forgiveness, but Rhino has none of it. Rhino picks him up in another front bearhug and orders Blayne to get the wrestling mat from outside. He refuses and is put in a full nelson. Rhino pushes Blayne outside, holding him down, ordering him to get the mat from outside. "Why you goin so slow?" Blayne drags the mat into the living room and is forced to set it up.
Rhino is upset his mat isn't straight and full nelsons Blayne again. He tries to leave the room but is taken down. Rhino puts him in a front sleeper then transitions to a standup DRAGON SLEEPER. "I'll never wake you up again. I promise!" Blayne GASPS for air and collapses to the mat. He is out!
"You're not gonna wake me up again!" Rhino wakes Blayne up with a standing head scissor. "Fucking tree trunks!" Blayne moans under the pain. He takes Blayne down to the mat with his head scissor still locked in. "PLEASE, PLEASE!" Blayne goes to sleep again. 
"Nobody sleeps, if I'm not sleeping!" Rhino wakes Blayne up with a rear bearhug then another sleeper hold. He rolls up Blayne in a tight school boy pin. "I'll never wake you up!" Rhino pins Blayne repeatedly then does push ups on top of Blayne. "More like 280!" screams Blayne. Rhino straddles Blayne's chest CRUSHING the veteran and flexes double biceps for the cameras. He picks Blayne up in a rear bearhug. Stupidly Blayne says, "I prefer the other way." Rhino is happy to oblige and picks him up in a MASSIVE front bearhug! "You're not getting out of this!" Blayne collapses to the mat. Rhino then WALKS ACROSS Blayne two times putting all 220 pound on his chest!! To finish him off, Blayne is CHOKE LIFTED in the air until he passes out. Surprisingly, Blayne wakes up! "I'm not done, you fucker!" He runs at Rhino but is CLOTHESLINED knocking him out again! This RHINO is out to prove he's the next big thing in Thunder's Arena! You GOTTA add this big vs little match to your collection.