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wrestlers boston crab each other

Rhino vs Bolt - Custom Video Series 81

$ 25.95
$ 31.25

A Bolt Beatdown!
The 6'2" 220lbs Rhino stands chest to chest towering over Thunder's veteran Bolt. His white singlet stretched to the max over all that muscle. "You think you're gonna step up on Bolt!" Rhino isn't impressed, "I'm gonna show you what fast looks like!" Bolt laughs, "You're gonna show me? How's that possible with the tree trunk quads you got going on. It takes you 5 seconds to take one step." Rhino laughs, "You got no legs, so you better be fast!" "I'm fast as lightning! I'm Bolt!"
Bolt tries gut punching his rock-hard abs, but Rhino feels nothing. The giant locks Bolt in a tight headlock then picks him up in a NECK-BREAKING full nelson shaking him like a rag doll. "Come on Lightning!" mocks Rhino. Bolt blazes in lifting the giant in a massive FIREMAN'S CARRY. "Not bad for those little chicken legs!" admires Rhino. "Not only am I fast, but I'm strong!" Bolt moves the giant to one shoulder and drops him down. A massive rear bearhug has the vet moaning in pain, but he is ready to fight back. "Come on big man!" Rhino takes Bolt down in a RIB-CRUSHING body scissors rocking him from side to side, "Try and get out of that!" Bolt yells in anguish, "Get these big quads off me!" The muscle giant's quads continue their torture with a standing head scissors. Rhino drops to the mat and straddles Bolt's chest. He flexes his powerful pythons as his quads crush the vet's skull. "These thighs weigh 500 tons!" groans Bolt. Rhino CLOTHESLINES the vet sending him flying across the mat! "Felt like a semi just hit me!" The giant is unstoppable with a crippling Boston crab and devastating BODYSPLASH! Big Rhino lays across Bolt pinning him with his 220lbs for the 1-2-3 count!
Rhino begins walking to the house; Bolt charges in from behind and takes out the giant's legs! He drags the muscle beast by his singlet straps to the center of the mat. "Bolt's not done with you yet. Time to take a nap!" The vet locks in a sleeper! Rhino struggles to breathe; his bulging biceps powerless under Bolt's grip! "What are these big quads doing now?" Rhino goes to sleep. "Some big thighs!" Bolt slaps the giant awake; his eyes barely open before he is sleepered again! "You go to sleep easy. A guy your size. I wouldn't think that at all. It's what happens when you step into Bolt's cage!" Bolt flexes over the giant. "Big thighs wake up we gotta go!" Rhino is barely conscious before another sleeper sends him back to Neverland! 
Bolt wakes the giant up and locks in a massive body scissors. "I might not have big thighs like you do, but I'm still gonna put you in the scissors!" The muscle giant is completely gassed and struggles to escape the hold. "You like those electricity thighs?" Bolt is in complete control of the giant and lets him up. Rhino stumbles to his feet, and Bolt locks him in a headlock. "We're gonna go for a race! We're going head first. You ready?" Bolt BULLDOGS the giant to the mat knocking him out! "How those big quads doing now?" He rolls the big giant over for a 1-2-3 count! Bolt straddles the lifeless giant and flexes. "That was a fun race. It's what you get for thinking you're faster than Bolt!" The vet wakes the giant up again and forces him to his feet. "I got an idea to make you go faster!" Bolt pulls down Rhino's singlet straps exposing his ripped abs and chest. The vet delivers another BULLDOG! Bolt wakes the giant up, pushes him against the wall, punching his chest and abs. "We're going down!" Bolt DDT's the giant to the mat and puts him out in another sleeper! The vet flexes the giant's arms like a puppet master pulling strings. "I know exactly what I'm gonna do to you!" Bolt rolls the giant over in a massive BANANA SPLIT. "Nice stretch from the Bolt quads!" Rhino groans in pain and can barely stand. Can Rhino regain his strength and take out Bolt, or will Bolt's domination prove too much for the giant? Big vs Little Fans, you will not be disappointed!