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wrestler choke holding each other

Rhino vs Cap - Bodybuilder Battles 113

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

BIG VS LITTLE doesn't get much better than this! The 5'9" 170lbs Cap is set to face the giant 6'2" 220lbs Rhino. The match begins with Rhino flexing for the camera. Cap walks in, flexes, and tells Rhino he can take some lessons from him. "You don't got abs like these." says Rhino. Cap calls Rhino fat and says he needs cardio. "You might be a little big, slow, try to keep up!"
Both wrestlers tie up. Surprisingly, Cap PICKS UP the giant in a rear bearhug. Rhino escapes and side headlocks Cap. "You weigh quite a bit. What are you like 400 pounds?" moans Cap. They lock up again, Cap lifts Rhino's leg knocking him down to the mat. The giant comes back and CHOKELIFTS Cap! "What's up little guy?" Rhino throws his prey to the mat. "Get up tiny!" The punishment continues as the beast picks Cap up in a rear bearhug then MASSIVE full nelson! He throws Cap to the mat and locks in a sleeper. "Feel that bicep?" Rhino releases the hold straddles Cap's abs. "You having trouble breathing?" He puts his tree trunk quads around Cap's head and SQUEEZES tight. Rhino locks in CRUSHING head and body scissors. Cap can barely breathe! Rhino delivers another sleeper then folds Cap up in a tight schoolboy pin. "Oh my neck! You really messed up my neck!" screams Cap. 
Cap tries to run at Rhino but is picked up in a RIB-CRUSHING front bearhug. "You're not getting out of this one!" The giant throws his victim down and applies a Boston crab then standing head scissor. Rhino picks Cap up in an UPSIDE DOWN BEARHUG and throws him down. "Get up little guy!" Cap tries to walk away, but Rhino picks him up in another front bearhug. "MY RIBS!" Rhino straddles Cap pinning him to the mat. "Come on man, leave me alone!" Rhino head scissors Cap. Both begin GUT PUNCHING each other with the head scissors locked in. Rhino releases the hold.
Rhino stays on his knees, "Come at me pussy!" Cap does a FLYING BODY SCISSORS to take the giant down. Rhino recovers, picks Cap up and POUNDS his abs before throwing him down. He locks in another standing head scissors then takes it to the mat. Cap can't breathe and is let up again.
Both flex for the camera. "You're like half my size." Cap tries to put Rhino in a full nelson but can't reach. He jumps on Rhino's shoulders, then goes for an UPSIDE DOWN body scissor, but falls to the mat. AMAZINGLY, Cap picks up the 220 pounder in a fireman's carry, walks him around, and drops him to the mat! Rhino returns the favor then CHOKELIFTS Cap. He picks Cap up in another fireman's carry and starts squatting him. "You gotta start eating." Rhino throws Cap to the mat. 
"I'm done. Leave me alone!" Cap sits on the couch. Rhino puts Cap in a standing head scissor then CHOKELIFTS him in the air. "You're done when I tell you you're done!" He lets him down, CHOKELIFTS him again, the applies another standing head scissors. Cap is being crushed with Rhino's tree trunk quads! The giant CHOKELIFTS his victim again then puts him a TIGHT sleeper hold. Cap slumps to the mat; the MIGHTY Rhino is victorious! ABSOLUTE DESTRUCTION! Big vs Little fans you will not be disappointed!