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wrestler doing sit ups in the pool

Rhino vs Fang - Water Wars 6

$ 29.89
$ 34.75

A Water War for the Lounge Chair!
Thunder's veteran Fang is back relaxing by the pool and decides to go for a swim. In walks the 6'2" 220lbs Rhino who sits in his lounger. "Hey bro, that's my chair." The muscle giant flexes, "I sit where I want. I don't see a name on it." Fang climbs out of the pool, "How about I put my name on your face!" Rhino stands up and bearhugs Fang! "You're stronger than I thought!" moans the vet. The giant jumps in the pool with his bearhug locked in. "You started a war!" declares Fang. Rhino comes up from the water like Poseidon, his mighty, rock hard muscles now one with the water! His powerful pythons SQUEEZE Fang in 2 more bearhugs. Surprisingly, the vet picks up the giant in his own bearhug, but he can't keep all that muscle contained!
"That's all you got?" Rhino sits on the stairs flexing. Fang attempts a headlock but is grabbed in a tight full nelson. Both wrestlers exchange crushing bearhugs. "Catch your breath yet?" asks Rhino. Fang climbs to the top of the rock fountain, "You'll be sorry now!" He flies through the air to attack the giant but is caught in his bulging biceps and SHAKEN! The underwater camera shows them tussling in the water. Rhino picks Fang up by his chest and throws him across the pool! "You can float; you're like a little stick!" The muscle giant isn’t done and OVERHEAD PRESSES the vet throwing him down! Rhino locks Fang in a vicious body scissors, so he PEC CLAWS the giant to break the hold. "Where you going?" Fang climbs out of the pool trapping the muscle beast in a head scissors, but he breaks out flipping the vet into the water. This back and forth action is non-stop! Rhino bearhugs him again, "You're not getting out of this!" The vet groans, "Watch me!" and escapes. The giant applies a RIB-CRUSHING scissors on the steps while Fang gut punches his abs. "Come on hit me harder! That's all you got?" Rhino is in complete control and does sit ups with his scissors locked in. 
Fang recovers, shows incredible strength, and picks up the giant on one shoulder slamming him in the water! "God you're heavy!" Rhino scoops up Fang across his chest dunking him. "Come here!" He sits on the stairs and stretches Fang in an over the knee BACK-BREAKER! The vet groans in pain and falls in the water. "You keep running away from me!" Rhino locks in a SKULL-CRUSHING standing head scissors! "Try and get out of that!" The giant then lifts Fang out of the water in a massive full nelson. "Put me down!" The muscle giant is happy to obey and dunks him! Back in the water, Fang tries gut punching his rock hard abs, but nothing phases him. Rhino PALMS Fang's head with his MEAT HOOK hand and pushes him away! The beast takes a break from punishing his victim and begins doing push ups on the edge of the pool. Fang jumps on his back trying to hurt him, but Rhino continues his push ups with the vet on top of him!
The battle continues outside the pool. Bearhugs, scissors, full nelsons, a sleeper! Now that Poseidon aka Rhino is out of the water, Fang is gonna have to play dirty if he wants to bring down the muscle giant. Who will be victorious and claim their lounge chair throne? Big vs Little fans, you will be watching this Water War on repeat!