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body builders body scissor each other

Rhino vs Steel - Battlespace 125

$ 29.89
$ 34.75

Rhino pays Steel for some posing lessons as Cason watches nearby. "I got to show this guy how to pose. He thinks he's bigger than me. I've heard him talkin crap!" says Steel. They decide to have a pose off with Cason scoring them 1-5. 
Round 1: double bicep. "Pretty stacked, but I don't know if you're bigger than me!" says Steel. Cason scores Rhino a 3. "Are you serious?" asks Rhino. The judge scores Steel a 5, "You got the best arms for sure!" Rhino flexes for the camera, "What are they stupid?" Round 2: chest. "Squeeze them arms together, squeeze them pecs together. These are man pecs!" says Steel. "You guys are tied at 4!" says Cason. "A 4? Come show me how to pose!" Rhino criticizes the judge. Round 3: quads. "You gotta shake these quads and flex. There you go!" says Steel. The judge looks at Steel's quads, "Yours are like a meat slab, 5 for you!" He judges Rhino, "Great quads but don't stand up as much, 4.1!" Rhino is furious, "Did you see these veins? These are 35 around!" Cason laughs, "35 around? That's adorable!" 
"You might wanna stop him from laughing!" Rhino orders Steel. "What are you gonna do about it? Acting like you're so macho!" says Steel. Rhino pushes the vet, "I'm paying you, teach me how to pose!" Cason walks off. "Show me that double bicep!" orders Rhino. Steel flexes his pythons and is lifted off the ground in a massive full nelson. "Ahh my neck!" The giant locks in a tight headlock and clubs Steel to the mat. The vet can barely get to his knees as Rhino delivers a standing head scissor. "My head!" The muscle giant wants to destroy Steel's chiseled abs with gut punches and a massive body scissor. "Your legs are so huge!" moans Steel. "Better teach your boy how to judge!" The muscle beast sits on Steel's chest crushing his head with his quads! "What are you 300 pounds?" The vet struggles to breathe, as Rhino flexes his biceps, "What would you give these?" "Maybe a four. Let my head go!" Steel grades Rhino's abs as a 3 and his legs as a 4. The giant isn't happy and squeezes tighter, "Alright a 5!" Rhino rolls Steel in a tight cradle. 

Rhino chin locks Steel. "You're gonna break my neck!" "That's the point. You do have some big arms I gotta say!" admires Rhino as he transitions to a standing guillotine choke. "I can't breathe in these arms!" pleads Steel. "You're gonna give me a 5 on these double biceps!" Rhino scissors the vet again. He gasps for air, "Ok 5 for arms! Alright you want me to judge you for real?" Rhino flexes his abs for Steel. "Pretty solid, count these abs, not bad! He might give you a 5!" Steel gut punches Rhino. "Four," gut punch! "Three," gut punch! "That's all you got? Come on big guy!" mocks Rhino. "Two," gut punch! "One," more punches but nothing is working. "You hurt my hand!" Rhino picks up Steel in a BACK-BREAKING front bearhug shaking him up and down. "You're crushing me! Alright I'm done!" Steel is forced to tap out and crumbles to the mat!
"Get up!" Rhino locks in a CRIPPLING camel clutch. Steel tries to speak, but the muscle giant covers his mouth with his MEAT HOOK hand! "All I wanted was a fair rating!" Rhino locks in vicious Boston crab. "I'd say this is a 5!" declares Rhino. "What are you doing to my back?" The muscle titan Steel is being destroyed! Time to bring out his bag of dirty tricks to try and topple the giant, a vicious low blow and head butt! Will Steel connect, or will Rhino stop his attempt? The fight continues with hammerlocks, body scissors, a DRAGON SLEEPER! Who will be left standing at the end?