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Bentley vs Cesario - Ring Wars 109

$ 34.75

Cesario meets Bentley ringside and Cesario starts to spew all of his wrestling accomplishments out to Bentley. When Bentley calls him out to prove his masculinity Cesario wastes no time. HE SLAMS BENTLEY'S FACE INTO THE SIDE OF THE RING! Cesario throws the 6'2" 220 lbs Bentley into the ring and jumps on top of him. Cesario yanks Bentley up and locks in a vicious full nelson. Bentley's mouth keeps running and he tosses Cesario over his shoulder slamming him to the mat! Cesario keeps calm and slowly wraps Bentley back up in a sleeper hold. He tosses him to the ropes before throwing him to the mat. Cesario wraps his legs around Bentley's neck and adds brutal gut punches!

Bentley still has plenty of energy and picks Cesario up then BODY SLAMMING him! He pulls Cesario up by the neck into a choke lift! Cesario fights to the turnbuckle where he wraps Bentley up in a bodyscissors and begins to squeeze the air out of his lungs! Cesario decides it is time to fight dirty and catches Bentley off guard with a ball claw! Bentley is pissed now! He throws Cesario between the ropes and stretches him out until Cesario's back is going to snap! The testosterone rises and both guys get seriously intense! Cesario uses sleeper holds, bearhugs, bodyscissors, chicken wings, and ab stretches to work over the tall Bentley. Bentley counters with a vicious crossface submission, firemans carries, bearhugs, and even a few dirty moves. 

An extremely competitive ending leads one wrestler tapping out and the victor calling out his next opponent! Who wins and will he get the next guy he is asking for? Download today and find out!