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Bentley vs Silas - Ring Wars 110

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

Bentley is HYPED UP after smashing Cesario in his last match! He is yelling and calling out Silas over and over. The rookie should be careful what he wishes for as Silas is there and ready to go! Silas bumps chests with the 6'2" Bentley and the match is on! Silas scoops up Bentley and drops him in an over the knee backbreaker! He talks trash and flexes in Bentley's face. Bentley gets up and Silas lifts him in an upside down bearhug! Adding insult to injury, Silas combos his bearhug with a ball claw before slamming Bentley into the mat! Silas throws Bentley against the ropes and hits him with a flurry of gut punches! Bentley gets a few licks back before Silas pulls Bentley down into a vicious body scissors! "I love the way your bones feel when they start SQUEEZING together!"

Bentley is in pain but refusing to show it! He gets up and starts showing off! He bearhugs Silas before flexing and doing a back flip! Bentley nails Silas into the mat and then aggressively swings him around the ring! Silas gets off the mat dazed and confused and his instincts kick in. He slams Bentley into the ropes and wraps him up. He stretches every bit of Bentley's 6'2" frame before Bentley fights dirty with a brutal low blow! He jumps out the ring and attempts a power move but Silas counters! He hits Bentley with a couple gut punches then Bentley counters bouncing both Silas and himself off the ropes and both muscle studs slam inside the ring! 

Fans of these moves will love the back and forth action of this match!
  • Lift and Carry moves
  • Bearhugs
  • Submissions
  • Gut Punches
  • Dirty Moves (low blows, ball claws, hair pulling)
  • & Big Power Moves
When one wrestler gets in a DEEP submission and his opponent won't tap out, they keep going until there is a snap!
Who will win and who will be limping out of the ring in pain?