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Brando vs Rivet - Lightning Match 18

$ 25.00
$ 31.59

DVD contains Lightning Matches 14,17,18,23

Brando catches Rivet staring at him from across the room. In a flash, Brando stomps across the mat and snatches Rivet up by the neck, showing him who's in charge. He slams Rivet into the mat and then pulls him in for a chest-to-chest bearhug, making Rivet feel every inch of his hard, chiseled body.

As Rivet struggles to break free, Brando only mocks him, flexing his bulging bicep in Rivet's face and talking smack. With his massive biceps wrapped tightly around Rivet, Brando refuses to let go, igniting an intense, primal energy between them.

But Rivet isn't one to back down. He slams Brando face-first into the mat and locks in a full nelson, pushing his face into the ground. Showing off his sheer strength, Brando performs one-handed pushups over Rivet's face before spinning over his back and trapping him in a Boston crab submission. With every fiber of his being, Brando demands that Rivet tap out.

But just when it seems like Brando has the upper hand, Rivet surprises him, wrapping him in a vicious full nelson and refusing to let go. Brando muscles out and picks Rivet up off the ground, squatting him over and over again before finally crushing him in a bearhug, squeezing the air from his lungs.

As Brando smashes Rivet down and sits on his chest, flexing every inch of his rock-hard body, the tension between them reaches a fever pitch. Is this the end for Rivet? Only by downloading now can you find out!