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Cason vs Rivet - Mat Rats 158

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

Rivet has no fear taking on Cason and both men immediately go to the mat! Rivet locks Cason down with a schoolboy pin right away, but Cason uses a ball claw to break out! Rivet gets his legs wrapped around Cason's body and won't let go! Cason uses his power to stand up with Rivet on his back. He tosses Rivet around and drops him into a over the knee back breaker! Cason then uses another ball claw to add insult to injury. Rivet can fight dirty too and returns his own ball claw to Cason before wrapping him back up in a tight body scissors. Cason fights out and gets Rivet in a head scissors. Rivet is in trouble when Cason gets in a side headlock and will not let go! Rivet stands up, but Cason holds on riding him back down! 

Both wrestlers fight back and forth with banana splits, schoolboy pins, sleeper holds, ball claws, and full nelsons! Rivet displays his power when Cason gets a camel clutch hold and he stands up with Cason on his shoulders! Dropping to the mat hard, both wrestlers are beginning to tire out. Cason will not be out shined and displays a few power moves of his own lifting Rivet off his feet! When Rivet gets an upper hand, Cason fights back and will not give up! Rivet will have to resort to desperate measures in order to defeat Cason. Does he have the balls to go for it?