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Cesario vs Rivet - Vegas Battles 151

$ 25.00
$ 25.95

Lesson number 1:

Don't try to intimidate Rivet or he will beat your ass! Cesario flexes in Rivet's face and Rivet wraps his massive arms around Cesario's neck and squeezes. He takes him to the mat and then makes Cesario worship a real man's arms!

Lesson number 2: 

Cesario has skills! He shows off his wrestling moves on the mat when Rivet overpowers him he has to use speed and agility to stay competitive. He uses head scissors, full nelsons, and side headlocks to keep Rivet on his toes. Even throwing in some dirty moves to show he is game!

Lesson number 3:

Rivet is VERY strong! Rivet controls every aspect of this match using his power. His bearhugs are brutal. He squeezes Cesario until it looks like his ribs are going to break! When Rivet gets in a body scissors, Cesario has no chance to escape. Rivet just smothers Cesario flexing and dripping sweat all over. 

Lesson number 4:

Rivet and Cesario have great chemistry. The match flows from intense non-stop wrestling action to sweaty and slow muscle worship at the drop of a hat. The trash talk cuts deep and is also playful. Both muscle hunks want to win and will do anything to make it happen. 

Lesson number 5:

If you get knocked out, know that Cesario and Rivet are going to seize the opportunity to get what they want. Take that however you like...