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Davin vs Rivet - Vegas Battles 147

$ 25.00
$ 25.95

Davin is in a bad mood and Rivet's insults make him EXPLODE! Rivet goes right to displaying his own strength lifting Davin up in a bearhug and then throwing him over his shoulders and SQUATTING HIM FOR REPS! Let me me repeat that...RIVET SQUATS 320 POUND DAVIN FOR REPS! Rivet is strong but can he out-wrestle the muscle beast Davin?

The action slams onto the mat when Rivet gets Davin in a no holds barred schoolboy pin. Davin gives in and admires Rivet's muscles! He gives the smaller man credit for his strength and defined body. Sweaty muscle worship begins with both men feeling every inch of the other. Davin still has some energy though and drops Rivet to the mat. He pounces on top of him while Rivet struggles to get him off! Davin still is impressed with Rivet's body even though he is now dominating him. He rubs and gropes Rivet's sculpted pec, defined abs, and pumped up arms. 

Rivet gets a second wind and breaks out. He SCOOPS DAVIN OFF THE GROUND and drops him in an over the knee backbreaker! A back and forth test of power, skill, and speed has both wrestlers laid out on the mat and exhausted. What happens when two wrestlers are sweaty and exhausted?

After Rivet continues bragging about his strength and body, Davin decides he needs to put the kid in his place. Time to who the real top dog at Thunders Arena is. Davin throws Rivet across the mat and pulls him into a banana split ripping Rivet's groin apart! But Davin underestimates Rivet's power and Rivet counters him with a figure four head lock. 

A SHOCKING back and forth exchange of choke lifts begs the question of who is really stronger between Rivet and Davin! Watch today and find out who gets choked out!