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Dom9 vs Rivet - Mat Rats 159

$ 25.00
$ 25.95

Dom surprises Rivet with a side headlock while the rookie admires his muscles! A back and forth of headlocks and ball claws has both bodybuilders breathing heavy. Dom slams Rivet into the mat and grinds him down harder and harder until Rivet is in agonizing pain! Rivet powerfully breaks away and squeezes Dom between his shredded quads. Dom is just as strong and breaks out returning a face first head scissors between his massive thighs choking the rookie! Rivet uses a dirty move to get out and Schoolboy pins Dom down shoving his face further up into his thighs. Dom tosses Rivet across the mat then climbs up his body slowly and does pushups over Rivet's face! The rookie refuses to be held down and counters Dom's pushups. Rivet then squeezes Dom with body scissors, but a ball claw gives Dom time to move away. Is Rivet strong enough to hold Dom down? 

In a match of dirty moves and muscle worship, you can't tell if Dom9 and Rivet are frat buddies or mortal enemies! Both bodybuilders straddle the line of hate and sexual tension in a way that Thunders Arena has never seen! Lines are definitely pushed when Dom wedgies Rivet showing more skin. Sweat pours and muscles starts to pop in an intense match of dirty moves, full nelsonssleeper holds, power moves, EYE-POPPING MUSCLE WORSHIP SCENES!

An infamous finisher leaves one man laid out on the mat with the victor flexing in domination. See how it all unfolds Today!