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Hurricane vs Rivet - Bodybuilder Battle 202

$ 25.95
$ 28.88


Witness the fearless Rivet launch a surprise attack on the massive Hurricane, only to be swiftly caught in a BRUTAL full nelson! Hurricane's pumped arms constrict around a helpless Rivet, causing his face to turn a fiery red under the intense pressure. But Hurricane is not content with just making Rivet tap out - instead, he wishes to inflict more punishment, flexing for the camera before reviving his adversary. Utilizing his superior experience, Rivet attempts to control Hurricane with tight bearhugs, but Hurricane's sheer size proves to be a formidable obstacle. Even as Rivet struggles to secure a full nelson, Hurricane's wide back presents a significant challenge. As the match nears its climax, Hurricane hoists Rivet into the air and SLAMS him down with a crushing over-the-knee backbreaker, eliciting cries of agony from Rivet. Don't miss this intense and thrilling battle between Rivet and Hurricane, available for download now.