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Kuma vs Rivet - Water Wars 15

$ 22.22
$ 25.95

Kuma and Rivet get wet when Kuma wraps Rivet's head up in his massive quads poolside! Once in the water, Rivet begins to drown the shorter Kuma in the deeper water! Kuma struggles to stay above the water and Rivet has no mercy! Rivet controls Kuma by his throat dunking him underwater repeatedly! Kuma gets the advantage in the shallower water lifting Rivet over his shoulders and powerbombing him into the water! The action flows above and below the water getting action shots of every angle! Both bodybuilders display their power in the water tossing their opponent in the air and slamming them underwater. Rivet controls the deep end of the pool holding Kuma underwater drowning him! Kuma gets pissed and drags Rivet to the shallow end with a vicious chest to chest bearhug! Kuma choke slams Rivet into the water over and over. Kuma can now use power moves throwing Rivet over his shoulders. Rivet shows he is just as strong as Kuma and goes toe to toe with him in the shallow end. Both bodybuilders use brutal holds and dirty moves to make the other man tap out! Who will give up first? TAP OR DROWN!