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Rivet vs Gohan and Falcon - Mat Wars 156

$ 22.22
$ 25.95

Falcon hires Gohan as a hitman to get revenge on Rivet for choking him out in their last match. Gohan is immediately manhandled by Rivet! Rivet lifts him up in a MASSIVE GORILLA PRESS! Gohan hits the mat hard and Rivet jumps on him. A few gut punches from Gohan does not even phase Rivet's rock hard body. Rivet throws Gohan up over his back and stretches him out!

Falcon is surprised Gohan cannot stand up to Rivet. Rivet continues to throw Gohan around using bearhugs, sleeper holds, body scissors, and full nelsons. Rivet smashes Gohan into the mat with a no holds barred schoolboy pin and Gohan begins to pass out! 

When Falcon says he is not going to pay Gohan anymore, Gohan snaps! He launches at Falcon and throws him on the mat! He wraps his hands around Falcon's neck and chokes him out! Gohan gut punches Falcon before lifting him over his shoulder demanding his payment! Falcon refuses and Gohan takes his beating even further wrapping his quads around Falcon's head and squeezing! 

Rivet wakes up and snatches Gohan off Falcon! He smothers Gohan in a chest to chest bearhug and refuses to let go. Gohan won't pass out and Rivet grabs him by the neck and lifts him in a brutal choke lift!  Rivet drops Gohan back into a bearhug and viciously squeezes Gohan until he gives up! 

When Rivet finds out how much Gohan is getting paid, he wants to cut a deal. Split the money and they both beat the shit out of Falcon. Will Gohan accept the offer?

Download today and find out!