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Rivet vs Stevie Singlet - Mat Rats 157

$ 25.00
$ 25.95

This match started before the camera started rolling so we jump STRAIGHT INTO THE ACTION! Rivet is on top of Stevie and lifts him off his feet then throws him down into a schoolboy pin! Up close and personal, Stevie headbutts Rivet directly in his balls! He jumps into his own schoolboy pin then locks in an arm bar admiring Rivet's bicep. Rivet shows off his power lifting Stevie up easily and dropping him into an over the knee backbreaker. Then Rivet uses a ball claw to hurt Stevie even more! Stevie uses his experience to get Rivet in a camel clutch. But every time Stevie gets an advantage, Rivet uses his power to break out!

Both men fight back and forth using chest to chest bearhugs, schoolboy pins, dirty moves, Boston crabs, and sleeper holds. Rivet decides he wants to get Stevie's singlet off to show off his body. Stevie is not going to let that happen. Both wrestlers fight back with dirty moves while Stevie resists getting his singlet torn off!  Rivet uses body scissors to hold Stevie down while he removes his singlet straps. Stevie gets fired up and the match gets intense! Rivet grabs Stevie in a brutal side headlock and yanks his neck further and further! Will Stevie tap out?? Or can he break out and finish off the rookie?