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Scuba vs Rivet - Vegas Battles 152

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

Quote of the match:
"Those beautiful abs and nice ass won't get you nowhere!"

Straight to action Rivet lifts Scuba up and marches him around the mat! Rivet slams his opponent down and jumps on top of him. He stretches him out before pinning him fighting with all of his power to hold Scuba down. A test of strength has Scuba on top and schoolboy pinning Rivet! He flips him over into a vicious camel clutch and yanks on Rivet's neck. Rivet gets angry and breaks out! He flips Scuba over and puts him in a double chicken wing on the mat. The moans of pain echo through the room as both muscle hunks fight for dominance!

Rivet takes over as Scuba begins to get exhausted. Rivet displays sheer power lifting Scuba up and slamming him on the mat! Scuba's body is broken, but he still has fight. He lifts Rivet in a chest to chest bearhug. The action falls back to the mat and Rivet uses his size and weight to pin Scuba. Rivet pulls Scuba back up and puts him in full nelsons and ab stretches throwing in dirty moves to push the pain even further. Scuba hip tosses Rivet over and almost off the mat completely! Scuba takes the pain beautifully moaning in pain while Rivet works him over. Rivet presses Scuba up in a massive choke lift and Scuba begins passing out! Will this be it for the new rookie, Scuba?