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Cameron Mathews over the knee backbreaker Rocky Brick huge pecs

Cameron Mathews vs Rocky Brick - Mat Wars 25B

$ 27.95
$ 34.75

Cameron Mathews vs Rocky Brick

Cameron Mathews is scheduled to wrestle Rocky Brick, who is late. When Rocky shows up, Cameron begins giving him a hard time about it. While the two wrestlers are exchanging insults, Cameron surprises Rocky and grabs his arm in a standing arm bar. When he lets go of his arm, Cameron knocks Rocky to the ground, then rolls him onto his back where he starts gut punching him. He grabs Rocky around the waist and gets him in a sort of sitting reverse bear hug. He continues to torture Rocky on the mat, ending up with pinning Rocky's arms down with his knees, while punching him in the gut. Cameron pulls Rocky up to his feet, where he puts him in another reverse bearhug. He briefly puts Rocky in a full nelson, but Rocky's shoulders are too big for Cameron to hold onto. He knees Rocky in the side, knocking him down, where he quickly grabs Rocky's legs and twists him around until he eventually gets Rocky in a boston crab. They continue to wrestle down on the mat, while exchanging insults the whole time. Cameron eventually has Rocky sitting up on his knees, while he grabs him around the neck and stretches him backwards. Holding him there, he starts punching the bigger guy's chest repeatedly. Rocky struggles as Cameron quickly gets him in various holds, including a headlock where he spins around and switches arms, all while keeping Rocky's head trapped. Cameron gets Rocky's arms trapped behind his back and starts pushing him around. He slams Rocky down on the mat, then steps on his head. When Rocky gets back up, Cameron wraps his arm around Rocky's waist and picks him up, then drops him onto an over the knee back breaker. He lets him go, then picks him back up into a reverse bearhug that he holds for a long time. It seems like Rocky has had enough when he gets free and lifts Cameron up by his neck, then slams him down on the mat. Each time Cameron tries to get back up, Rocky slams him back down. He finally lets him up long enough to grab him in a headlock. Rocky doesn't keep control long before Cameron gets him up against the wall and starts gut punching him. Rocky takes the gut punching for a quite a while, then turns the tables and starts clothes lining Cameron. After punishing him like that for a long time, Rocky picks Cameron up in a bearhug. Rocky keeps control of the match for a while, dragging Cameron around, putting him in several painful holds. Cameron finally has enough and surprises Rocky with a quick punch to the crotch. While Rocky is writhing on the ground, Cameron takes advantage and picks him up over his shoulder and takes the fight outside.