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head lock

Brute vs Sage - Ring Wars 66

$ 25.95

This is a 15 minute Ring War due to the INTENSITY of these pro-wrestlers!  The rookie Sage was a high school wrestler, turned dancer, turned new Indy wrestler, so he definitely knows how to put on a show! He decides to try his luck at Thunder's. Unfortunately for him, his first opponent is the big, burly Brute! Sage is at a 50 pound disadvantage! "What do you got big man?" asks Sage. 
Both wrestlers tie up. The veteran gets the rookie in a SKULL-CRUSHING side headlock. Sage moans in pain, is put in a SNAPMARE TAKEDOWN, and choked! He rolls out and gets Brute's boulder bicep in a TIGHT arm lock. "This is why I'm the best!" proclaims the rookie. Brute isn't gonna be disrespected and unleashes on Sage! A NECK-BREAKING full nelson, another SNAPMARE TAKEDOWN, and TIGHT half nelson, "Give up?" asks Brute. 
Both wrestlers engage in a WRIST LOCK BATTLE trying to overtake each other. Brute delivers another SNAPMARE TAKEDOWN and sleeper. The rookie is GASPING for air. Brute wants to hurt Sage! ELBOWS, a vicious CAMEL CLUTCH, the giant DIGS his knee in Sage's back and YANKS back on his arms! The muscle bear is on a warpath! 
Sage is laid across the middle rope and choked. Brute PUNCHES Sage in the head then RAMS his head into the turn buckle. The giant CHOKES the rookie with one hand in the corner and GUT PUNCHES him repeatedly. Brute HURLS Sage into the opposite turn buckle. The rookie's back is being DESTROYED. "Get up!" commands Brute. 
The muscle beast continues punching Sage in the head then locks in a crippling FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK. Sage can barely walk! Brute goes to throw Sage into the opposite turn buckle, but Sage reverses and HURLS Brute in the corner. The rookie CLUBS the vet in the face and lays Brute's neck across the ropes. "This is how you choke someone!" Sage yells as he DIGS his knee in Brute's back. The rookie takes the giant to the turnbuckle and CHOKES him with his foot. 
"You think you can beat me?" asks Sage. Brute looks like he's going for a SUPLEX but picks Sage up on one shoulder. The newbie slides off the beast's thick back and puts big Brute in a MASSIVE full nelson. "That's right! Look at that strength!" yells Sage.  Brute flexes out and CLUBS Sage in the back. He digs his knee in Sage's back and YANKS back on his neck and arms. "Give up!" yells Brute. "Never!" says Sage.
Sage GUT PUNCHES Brute and hits him in the face. Brute retaliates and picks up Sage in a TORTURE RACK. "I give, I give!" yells Sage. "That's not enough for me!" says Brute. He kicks Sage in the gut and starts CHOKING Sage with his own arms! The rookie escapes, ELBOWS Brute in the face, and SLAMS his head on the turn buckle! This back and forth wrestling is INSANE!
The battle ends with one wrestler FLYING from rope to rope delivering MASSIVE FOREARMS to their opponent's head! The loser is then knocked out with a DEVASTATING CHOKE-SLAM! Will it be Thunder's veteran Brute or the new rookie Sage? You gotta buy it to find out!