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Joey King vs Sage - Ring Wars 68

$ 25.95

King of the Ring vs the King of Gyration???
"Three time collegiate wrestler, six pack, pecs...PURE ABSOLUTE GREATNESS!" Sage stands in the ring boasting about his qualities, COMMANDING the camera's attention. His ego can barely fit in the ring! Joey King walks in on Sage "gyrating" aka swiveling his hips and asks what he is doing? "I'm the King of Gyration. This is my platform!" Joey proclaims he is the King of the Ring and pushes Sage down. He tells Sage "to gyrate his ass out..." Before he can finish his sentence, Sage KICKS Joey in the gut and CLUBS him down to the mat. This match is on! 
Sage gyrates in Joey's face and delivers a TIGHT wrist lock. Joey knees Sage's gut and takes him down. Even on the mat, Sage continues, "I'm still gyrating!" He STRETCHES Joey across the ropes, STOMPS, and GYRATES on his back. Sage plays dirty and FISH HOOKS Joey's cheek! Joey is screaming in pain, "I'm gonna sue you!"
Sage continues gyrating and plants his foot on Joey's chest. "You wanna quit King?" He refuses, so Sage delivers more kicks to Joey's back. Sage puts him in a head scissor, gyrates on his head, and POUNDS his skull. "Get a clear shot of greatness!" Sage STOMPS Joey's hands and ankles and puts him in a leg lock. "Bow to me King!" Sage is about to PUNISH the King. He YANKS Joey's leg hair and repeatedly kicks him. Sage gets a 2 count then applies a MASSIVE trap squeeze. The gyrater tells Joey he's heard of kings, but Joey is more like a Burger King! Sage YANKS Joey's chest hair and delivers a figure four leg lock. Joey is SCREAMING in pain! Sage pulls on Joey's chest hair. "You gonna shave? Shave!" Joey replies, "Yeah, I'll shave your mom's ass!" Sage is pissed and TITTY TWISTERS Joey demanding a tap! The King of the Ring's hairy chest is in EXCRUCIATING pain, so he TAPS OUT! 
Joey LOW BLOWS Sage. "You broke my gyration!" Sage screams in pain. The King of the Ring CLUBS Sage's back, applies a camel clutch, and demands an apology. "You're not a king. You're a queen!" Sage gets his gyration back and LOW BLOWS Joey with a rear kick. He TITTY TWISTERS Joey again. "You can't fight it King. This is the ultimate move!" Sage gets Joey in a front bearhug and gyrates against his body. "This is violating!" yells Joey. The match ends with someone getting SUPERKICKED in the face and knocked out! Will it be the King of the Ring or the King of Gyration? Buy this match to find out!!