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Meaty vs Sage - No Holds Barred 226

$ 25.00
$ 25.95

Meaty demands Sage worship his muscles from his knees and Sage has no problems doing just that. Meaty attacks Sage and smothers him in a tight sleeper hold! Sage's slow and methodical tactics catch Meaty off guard. Does Sage like worshipping Meaty's body?

Meaty locks Sage up in a side headlock, but Sage's words and his breathing mat it seem he wants Meaty to slowly tear him apart! Meaty pins Sage down by his wrists and Sage is trapped. Meaty flexes and Sage admires every single inch of Meaty. Sage tries a move, but Meaty stops that in it's tracks! Meaty locks Sage down in a full nelson pulling his shoulders further and further back as Sage takes on more and more pain! Meaty shows Sage just how far a camel clutch can be pushed while Sage yells in agony! Meaty gets himself in too deep when Sage wraps his quads around Meaty's body and won't let go! Can Meaty pull apart Sage's legs from around his chiseled core? 

Meaty gets back on top of Sage and constricts his massive arms around Sage's neck. Each time Sage fights Meaty gets tighter and tighter. Sage's face begins to turn red and he gets weaker and weaker in Meaty's grip. Sage succumbs to Meaty's power and is punished accordingly. What will be his punishment? To get on his knees and worship Meaty.

Is that enough penance from the rookie to satisfy Meaty? Get your download today and see the steamy punishment yourself!