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Scrappy vs Hero Part 2 - Rough & Ready 137

$ 31.25

Things get down and dirty as a battle for revenge turns into an OUTSIDE BRAWL! In the driveway, Hero confronts Scrappy angry over their last match full of Scrappy's cheap shots. A shoving match breaks out; Hero wraps Scrappy in a tight headlock DRIVING his skull into the trash can. Scrappy is dazed groaning in pain as Hero slams the trash can lid over and over on his arm trying to break it. Angry, Scrappy escapes and TACKLES Hero on top of the air conditioner locking in a guillotine choke. Struggling for air, Hero breaks away; both wrestlers head towards the backyard POUNDING each other's chiseled abs with brutal gut punches! A battle of full nelsons leads to Hero hanging from a tree wrapping his quads of steel around Scrappy in a MID-AIR head scissors. The blood rushing from his brain, Scrappy gasps for air as Hero does pull-ups lifting Scrappy up and down with his power! Hero releases his hold as both wrestlers yank each other's shirts off for more gut punches and use piles of dirt and tree branches as weapons. Scrappy SHOVES Hero's skull into the wood fence nearly knocking him out and forces Hero onto the mat in the backyard. "I'm ready for this, second chance!" threatens Hero flexing a rock-hard double bicep. Scrappy tries a sneak attack but is SLAMMED on his back with an over-the-shoulder takedown. Back on their feet, a massive tie-up has Hero breaking away grabbing another weapon for an attack. Scrappy charges in with a RIB-CRACKING belly to belly bearhug as Hero screams in pain and is tossed down. "Just because I cheat doesn't mean you get to!" taunts Scrappy mounting Hero's chest rolling him into a grueling body scissors. Gasping for air, Hero is pulled into a face-first leg sleeper BURIED deep between Scrappy's quads. Hero pleads for mercy powerless to escape; his chiseled frame becomes limp and passes out. "You're always gonna be a loser when it comes to wrestling me!" flexes Scrappy who recruits new rookie Brix to carry the motionless 210lbs Hero inside for more torture. Dropped on the floor, Hero is woken up as both wrestlers rip each other's shorts off ready for war. A punch to the groin has Scrappy crumbling to the ground and pulled straight into a SKULL-SPLITTING head scissors. "That's what happens to cheaters; you get no mercy!" threatens Hero unleashing his rage with gut punches, smacks to the skull, and a vicious dirty trick. Deep laughter fills the arena as Scrappy struggles to break free and passes out in Hero's powerful quads. Another punch to the groin jolts Scrappy awake as the back-and-forth battle continues with gut punches, head scissor, guillotine choke, DDT, crippling camel clutch, and groin-breaking banana split. Hero and Scrappy pull out all their dirty tricks as hair pulling, low blows, and a PAINFUL submission lead to a final intense showdown!