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Joey King Scrappy thunders arena camel clutch

Scrappy vs Joey King - Mat Wars 74

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

Veteran pro wrestler Joey King takes on the lightning quick grappler known to Thunders Arena fans as Scrappy in this one on one bout. Never one for sportsmanship, the dastardly Joey King blindsides the young Scrappy, blasting him with a vicious forearm shot while he was distracted, stretching out his hamstrings for the upcoming match.  Joey King unleashes a barrage of offense before locking in an early dragon sleeper, arching Scrappy back almost in half while squeezing like a vice on his neck. Scrappy tries again and again to fight back, only to get repeatedly shut down by the skilled Joey King. Despite the ease with which Joey King dominates Scrappy, he seems to get more and more aggressive in his offense. When Scrappy manages to come up from behind, grabbing a full nelson, Joey King only gets more vicious, flinging the young competitor down to the mat with a single leg takedown before literally stepping on Scrappys back. Condescendingly, Joey King drops down to all fours to give Scrappy a free headlock. "You're gonna make this easy for me?" Scrappy ignorantly asks, moments before Joey King makes him eat his words, twisting out and into a vicious front facelock and back breaking boston crab. Looking to unleash even more trauma to the spine, Joey King locks in a brutal crossface submission hold. "Thats why I'm the king and you're just a skid mark!" he proclaims. Another brief burst of desperation offense from Scrappy is shot down again by the dominant King. Looking to further toy with his your opponent, Joey King voluntarily lays facedown on the mat, puts both hands behind his back, and actually allows Scrappy to mount him and grab a submission hold! Truly showing his superiority, Joey King continues to rule supreme, countering the hold and embarrassing Scrappy all across the mat before locking in a full nelson. Getting cockier by the minute, Joey King drops down to the mat to verbally berate Scrappy on his own level. Seeing a window of opportunity, Scrappy showcasing his trademark lightning speed, diving onto King and locking in a chokehold. Still dominant, the relatively un-phased Joey King once again shoots down the offensive flurry, scooping the outsized Scrappy up into a vicious bearhug, then slamming him violently to the mat below before locking in another devastating crossface submission hold. Wrenching and torquing on Scrappys neck, Joey King humiliates and degrades Scrappy, singing him lullabies while making him slowly black out to the pain. Scrappy begs Joey King to release the hold, tapping and conceding defeat. The brash and sadistic Joey King, however, isn't content to accept a victory just yet, and attacks Scrappy again, locking in another punishing dragon sleeper. Looking to administer even more punishment, Joey King grabs Scrappys legs, spreading them open and delivering a series of brutal stomps to the cut, pulverizing the ripped abs of Scrappy. As the almost broken Scrappy makes his way back to his feet withering in pain, he attempts to shoot a waistlock, only to be caught in a side headlock. Joey King applies a massive amount of pressure, turning Scrappys face bright red as he rides him down to the mat, locking the hold in even tighter. Another attempted comeback by Scrappy is countered by Joey King yet again, catching the resilient yet thus far unproductive underdog in a grounded full nelson, and then another neck breaking crossface submission hold. Scrappy gasps for breath and groans in pain as Joey King stands up and gives him space to get to his feet, only to grab ahold of the tightest full nelson yet, laying Scrappy down on his side and eventually grinding his face into the ground, never releasing the hold. Reaching back, Joey King grabs ahold of the leg, bending Scrappy in half with an incredible half nelson bow and arrow stretch, before locking in the most brutalizing dragon sleeper yet, locking on a bodyscissors hold for good measure. Scrappy fights to maintain consciousness as Joey King continues applying pressure while verbally tearing him down some more for good measure. Can Scrappy continue to hold on, or will he finally succumb to the brutal beatdown from his majesty, Joey King?