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Battle of the Blondes 10 Minute Extra - Vault 11

$ 22.32
$ 25.95

In this EXCLUSIVE EXTRA FOOTAGE, Iceman sees a defeated Duke on the ground and decides he needs to let out some aggression! He plants his foot on Duke's chest and flexes before getting behind him and smothering Duke with a rear sleeper hold! Duke fights for air as Iceman's grip gets tighter and tighter as Duke slowly goes limp in Iceman's arms! Iceman lifts him up and drops him on the couch before stomping on him with no mercy! Duke's limp body is shoved into the couch and Iceman has to drag him back for more punishment!

Before inflicting more pain, Iceman decides to show everyone just how much bigger and better his muscles are than Duke's! Both bodybuilders show off flexing before Iceman jumps behind Duke and wraps him in a brutal bearhug! Duke can longer fight and submits to Iceman's punishing moves! Iceman throws him back down and slams him with gut punches! When Iceman thinks Duke is done, he flexes for the camera. But Duke springs up taking Iceman down! He spanks him then locks in a long full nelson! But Iceman has more energy and breaks free from Duke's hold. He drops Duke with a hit then wraps him in a standing figure four headlock choking Duke until he can no longer breathe! Iceman sits on his defeated opponent showing every angle of his muscles off for the camera! Is Duke really down for the count this time? A surprise ending you will never see coming will have you begging for more of this extra footage!