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Brando vs Reef - Custom Video Series 177

$ 29.89
$ 34.75


Brando is gearing up to wrestle new guy, Reef. Reef walks in on Brando doing sit ups and pushups in his wrestling singlet. Reef flexes and Brando immediately rips off his singlet and steps in front of Reef flexing! Brando rips the rest of his singlet and ties up with Reef! A long and brutal test of strength lands Brando up over Reef's shoulders! Reef carries him around and flexes before smashing Brando into the mat choking him! Reef goes on the attack and wraps Brando up in a DEEP sleeper! Does Reef have Brando's number this round?

A hard gut punch shocks Brando awake! Reef slowly saunters over Brando his abs and pecs dripping with sweat as he contemplates his next move! With Brando caught off guard, Reef continues his onslaught. Brando gets up but is immediately engulfed by Reef. But Brando knows Reef's strength now and is ready to go! He lifts Brando over his shoulders and does laps on the mat while flexing and squatting his opponent! 

Now Brando is in full control, he uses his massive legs to wrap around Reef and cranks on an arm bar! When Reef won't quit, Brando yanks Reef by the neck into a sleeper hold! Reef is showing his toughness and staying right with Brando. Step by step and move by move, both bodybuilders fight back and forth to show just who is stronger!

An intense series of brutal, long bearhugs starts to wear down each man's stamina. Who has more in the tank? Reef shows he is willing to do anything it takes to win and he slams a forearm into Brando's chest! Brando is sent flailing across the mat and hits HARD! Reef stands Brando up pulling him by his hair and makes him flex! Will Brando give in to Reef's demands? Or is the Powerhouse Brando just waiting for his time to turn it on and finish Reef on the mat? DOWNLOAD TODAY AND FIND OUT!