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Cason vs Cash - Custom Video Series 139

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

Cason is hanging out in the pool when Cash walks over to get in himself. When Cash starts bragging about how his legs are better than Cason's then both studs decide to take it to the mat for a leg wrestling challenge! They hop on the mat and go at it. Cason's legs out-power Cash's in the first challenge. When Cash gets aggressive the guys pose off before they walk back to the mat for a rematch. When Cash gets the best of this exchange, Cason is pissed off to say the least! He gets behind Cash and locks him up in a full nelson before tossing him to the mat. He then lifts him upside down and takes him to the edge of the pool. He threatens to drown Cash upside down! He decides to just throw him in entirely and the action moves to the pool. Both guys go at it in the water with Cason being nearly drowned. Both guys move back to the mat poolside. With both men wet, they slip and slide all around the mat while stretching and torturing the other. Leg and ab stretches, Camel clutch holds, schoolboy pins, leg torture, and hair-pulling highlight the action! Cash picks up his intensity when he gains some momentum with the leg torture, but Cason's power and skill are hard to overcome. With the wet mat, both muscle studs have a tough time keeping their balance and feet under them. After they call a false truce, one guy comes back for more and wants to end the match by making the other submit! What will eventually win out...Cash's tenacity or Cason's brute strength?