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Cason vs Dom9 - Custom Video Series 155

$ 29.89
$ 34.75

Cason and Dom9 meet up on the mat comparing muscles and trash talking until Dom9 loses his cool and goes to grab a belt! He wraps it around Cason's neck and slowly chokes the life out of his opponent. He obviously wants more and wakes Cason up just to put him back into another sleeper hold. He lifts him up by his throat and stretches him out in a BRUTAL backbreaker. He throws a hard elbow into Cason's abs before stretching him out on the mat with the belt wrapped around his neck. When Cason won't quit talking trash, Dom uses a nasty ball claw making Cason moan in agony! Dom then locks in a TIGHT front facing leg scissors and both bodybuilders exchange vicious punches to their abs and legs. When Cason fights back, Dom returns to using dirty moves to gain the upper hand. Back on their feet, Dom squeezes the air out of Cason with a chest to chest bearhug. When Cason refuses to stop talking, Dom decides to put him back out with a slow kiss of death. Dom drops down into a schoolboy pin before evening the field and throwing the belt to Cason. An intense lock up leads to Cason on top of Dom and locking in a sleeper hold putting Dom out cold! Cason celebrates flexing his pumped up muscles for the camera. Cason drops Dom back down before giving him a wedgie and spanking him with the belt! He then wraps the belt around his neck and methodically chokes him out. Dom slowly wakes back up and locks Cason up. They both wrap their massive hands around each others throats before Cason gets the upper hand and makes Dom kiss his flexing bicep. When Dom locks him back up and gets the advantage, Cason resorts to a NASTY LOW BLOW! Will Cason be able to finish Dom this time?