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Cason vs Stallion - Vegas Battles 111

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Cason and Stallion are stretching on the balcony talking about how it has been a long day of filming and they have one last match left...between them. The two begin to flex off on the mat, showing off two full, muscular physiques. Cason is hyped up and ready to wrestle but Stallion likes to flex. The two veterans tie up for the first time and Cason is overwhelmed by the strength and size of Stallion! A brutal chest to chest bearhug begins the action as Stallion squeezes the breath out of Cason. After throwing him to the mat, Stallion locks in a tight standing headscissors while making sure to flex and pull Cason's hair to add insult to injury. The smack talk is flying out of both guys mouths as they struggle back and forth for momentum. Stallion flexes a double bicep for the camera and Cason takes advantage jumping on his back and getting a rear sleeper hold. Stallion falls to his knees and Cason transitions to a full nelson lock. When Stallion talks more smack, Cason slaps him in the gut and throws him down viciously to the mat. When he puts his hands on his back and starts to do push ups, Stallion does the same. So Stallion is doing pushups while Cason is on his back also doing pushups (great scene!). Cason is impressed and gives Stallion a standing ovation. A little trickery has Cason fooling around with Stallion before throwing HARD PUNCHES into his back. He sits on his back before Stallion does more pushups and stands up with Cason on his shoulders. The torture begins when Stallion uses his neck and shoulders to impact Cason's groin. He drops him over 6 feet off his shoulders straight on to the mat. He then throttles his foot between Cason's spread open legs. Another tie up leads to Cason grabbing the advantage, and he begins to wear down the 270 lb. Stallion. A boston crab lock and a perfectly executed dragon sleeper draws more and more energy out of Stallion, but he is not going to go down easily! He lifts Cason over his shoulders in a fireman's carry before dropping him down and jumping on top of him repeatedly crushing his ribs. He continues his smack talk and puts Cason in a tight side headlock. However, Cason has a few veteran tricks up his sleeve and throws a low blow taking Stallion down hard. He then returns the favor and splashes his entire body down into Stallion's ribs. He uses a figure four headlock to slowly put Stallion to sleep! While Cason flexes, Stallion wakes up and makes his way to his feet. Cason lets Stallion know who the top wrestler at Thunders Arena is. With his cockiness growing, Cason lets Stallion deliver him some gut punches against the balcony railing.....HUGE MISTAKE. Stallion holds nothing back and beats on the gut and ribs of Cason until he is doubled over in pain. Stallion then yanks Cason off the balcony railing and lifts him into a choke lift! The consciousness begins to drain out of Cason. Stallion throws him down and puts him in a rear naked choke hold, stretching him out while throwing in gut punches and pec claws for added punishment and pain! He then lifts him off the ground by his throat and puts him over his knee. After stretching him out, Stallion pulls Cason up into another brutal choke lift. Cason begins to pass out and Stallion's face lights up as he enjoys the pain he is inflicting! Will Cason fight out and correct his mistake of letting Stallion have the advantage? Or is it too little too late?