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Cason vs Thor - Vegas Battles 127

$ 25.00
$ 25.95

Cason introduces Thor to Thunders Arena with his usual playful arrogance, but he is NOT going to take it easy on the new guy. He lifts him upside down immediately before tossing him to the mat. He does push ups over him while slamming all of his 220 pounds of muscle into his opponent each time! Thor fights back, but Cason's experience shows as he takes control of the match. Cason tortures Thor all over the mat using headscissors, figure four chokes, camel clutch holds, and big lift and carry moves! Thor shows his power and holds his own in a test of strength, but Cason's skill is hard to overcome for the rookie as Cason gets the best of him one move after another. When Thor is choked out a still fresh Cason flexes over him before slapping him awake to continue. Can Thor come back after being choked out? He gets up more aggressive and takes Cason down stretching him out, but the veteran uses a dirty move to gain back momentum. Still, Thor fights back with a smothering chest to chest bearhug! Thor is surprised by Cason's resiliency. A big CHOKE LIFT starts the beginning of the end for one wrestler. An intense ending leaves one man choked out using his own muscles! Can the new rookie impress Thunders Arena with a win against one of the best?